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How To Block Automatic Payments On PayPal

PayPal is undoubtedly the best secure way to pay online without providing our bank details anywhere on the internet. In fact, a single account with our email is enough to receive and send payments, where we can then connect different current accounts, debit, and credit cards to pay online without problems.

If you have linked your PayPal account to pay subscription services with monthly, annual, or weekly renewals, here’s how to block PayPal Automatic payments from your smartphone or PC. In fact, PayPal has the functionality of automatic renewal and direct payments compatible with various online services, such as Netflix or Spotify.

So if you pay for a web service using PayPal and you no longer want to pay with PayPal but using another method such as a rechargeable card or by loading the PayPal account with cash or from your card, here’s how to remove the automatic debit and the payment that takes place without our intervention.

It is possible to block the automatic subscription services linked to your PayPal account only from a web browser and not using the mobile application for Android or iOS smartphones and tablets. So you have to do it from the browser from a PC and not using the dedicated app for mobile devices.

Block automatic renewal of service or subscription on PayPal

Once you have followed the guide below, PayPal will not be able to make transactions automatically and renew the payment of services such as Netflix, Spotify, or Google and you will have to associate another payment method. To block automatic payment on PayPal you must:

  • Go to the  PayPal homepage
  • Click on  Login and login with your account by entering your credentials
  • Select the gear button at the top right
  • Let’s go to the Payments menu 
  • Then click on the View button  next to the item  Manage your automatic payments
  • In the screen that opens you must filter for active payments by placing a check mark on the item  Show active
  • So to block an automatic payment you have to select the service in the left column by clicking on the Cancel item 
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