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How To Boost The Speed Of Your Mobile Phone?

Like in PCs, how well your smartphone performs can depreciate over a period of usage.

A mobile operating system is mostly lighter and faster to support your needs as you go about your daily activities.

With a few maintenances, users can speed up their mobile devices and below are some tips that will aid you to boost your smartphone speed:

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1. Understand Your Phone

All smartphones are unique and different from others. Knowing the benefits and disadvantages of your device by studying its components and configuration is necessary. Some applications that require added resources can make your phone sluggish. Confirm if you have those types and get rid of them.

2. Update The Phone

Getting your device updated to the most recent firmware is key as well. From time to time, Android OS comes with updates that will provide you with added stability, more speed, connectivity and performance besides other types of user-friendly features.

3. Get Rid Of Unnecessary Apps

All applications that you have downloaded on your device will occupy some memory and will run some processes in the background. This can affect your smartphone’s performance. Make sure you uninstall or deactivate the applications that you do not really launch.

4. Update The Applications

With Google Play, you can update your phone’s apps once in a while when an update is available. Fresher versions of applications bring improved features with their bugs rectified. Updated applications will run smoother and quicker.

5. Use A High-Speed Memory Card

Your phone’s memory card is where data will be stored. If your device has low internal memory, it can be boosted with a high capacity memory card with proper storage space. It will aid high speed read or write options. It is advisable to go for 32GB worth storage space.

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6. Avoid Live Wallpapers And Animations

Several Android live wallpapers are beautiful. But Live wallpapers that were not created in the right manner will need various CPU cycles to run and this will use up your battery quicker. Live wallpaper is enabled whenever you activate your home screen and this will affect your device’s performance. It will be wise to avoid a live wallpaper option completely.

7. Stop Syncing

Syncing helps to synchronize your data with Google servers. When the sync is enabled, you will be informed when a fresh mail comes in or when a fresh message is delivered on your device. This feature will require a normal interval of time. If the syncing is disabled for unrequired services, the speed and performance of the smartphone can be preserved.

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