How To Borrow Data On All Networks

I bet you did not know you could borrow data from all the network in Nigeria. Well, if you did not know, now you do and I will be teaching you how to go about it in this article.

The Internet is the future and we all know it. Almost everything we do these days requires an internet connection. Do you want to connect with friends? Do it using the internet. Do you want the latest news? You can read as much news as you want on the internet. What do you need in order to Access the internet? Data.

Borrow data

Internet Connection is needed for a lot of things. We need data to be able to access WhatsApp and Facebook for communicating with friends and family. We need data to visit our favorite news sites. Without an active data plab, you would not be on this site reading this article. Heck, with data you can make calls and send text messages.

I can not even remember the last time i called someone using the traditional means of calling. Most of my phone calls and even video calls have been through the WhatsApp application. The only time i do recharge my line will be to immediately use the Airtime to buy a data bundle and i am sure that there are several others like me out there. So what happens when one does not have airtime to purchase a data bundle ?

Do not worry because your network provider has got you covered with the ability to Borrow data. You can also borrow Airtime on all networks but none of those networks provider will allow you use the Borrowed Airtime to purchase a data bundle. Well, except for 9mobile. I guess this was why the rest of the network providers brought out a separate feature that caters for those who want to borrow just data.

Similar to the Borrow Airtime Conditions, you can only borrow data if you have been active on the network. However, how much data you can borrow solely depends on how active you have been. The more active you have been the more data you can borrow. You can even borrow up 3GB of data on some networks.

How To Borrow Data On All Networks

You must have been active on any of the networks for the past 3 months before attempting to borrow data. By active, they mean that you must have recharged a minimum of N100 on your line every month in the last 3 months.


⚫ Dial * 606# and Select XtraByte. It will bring a list of data bundle you can borrow. Click on the one you want and that’s it. If you are eligible for that data bundle you will get a successfully message upon completion.


⚫ Dial * 321# and choose from any of the available data bundles.


⚫ Dial * 500# and pick the borrow data Option. Then choose any of the data bundles you like.


⚫ 9mobile does not have this feature. However, you can subscribe to their data using the borrowed credit which to me is kind of the same thing.


Now that you can borrow data from any network of your choice. You can stay connected to your friends and loved ones even if you do not have the Airtime to purchase a data bundle.

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