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How To Buy A Good Power Bank

Power banks are king!

We use our devices all the time so it is important to not see that dreaded red battery logo as much as possible. Its great to know you can make some adjustments on your own like reducing your phone’s screen brightness and the EDGE enabling methods, to extend your battery life, but for how long will that really last us? There is a better way.

Power banks are your smartphone’s battery best friend. They’re simply a wall socket for your pocket and can be very useful if you keep finding yourself with just 20% battery left by just 12 pm daily, like me. They can charge your smartphone multiple times. They are even used to charge a number of devices at the same time if you desire to use it that way. Even Laptops have their power banks.

The only mountain you have before you as regards power banks is identifying and buying the right one. There are factors to consider before making this decision. Here is a guide to buying a good power bank:

1. Knowing your mAh

This is key to selecting the right power bank for your device. It is quite straight-forward since the capacity of your phone’s battery is measured in mAh as well. The higher the mAh number, the higher the number of times your phone can be charged using the power bank. For example, If I own an iPhone 5S, that we all know is power-hungry, with a 1,570mAh capacity, when I decide to shop for a power bank, I have to go for a higher capacity than that. This way I can guarantee the proper functioning of my power bank.

2. Ports, Size, Weight, and Plugs

This is one you really need to ponder on. Getting a power bank that has enough USB ports is vital for charging multiple devices at once. Ensure you check to see if all the ports are rated for the device you are plugging into it as this is not really the case for all ports sometimes. The higher the total capacity, the longer your battery will take to charge. Some don’t see that as a disadvantage as they just choose to plug it overnight but not so many phone users are willing to take that risk. The size and weight also matter if you love traveling light or just want a pocket-sized one.

3. Price and Quality

What do we ever buy without considering price? The pictures you stare at will not reveal the power bank that suits your needs. Reading the specifications and deciding the one that is important for adequate use of the power bank is the way to go. Buying an expensive one does not guarantee a product you will find useful for whatever you intend to use it for. Cheap power banks also overload and damage phones if they are not of the right quality.

4. Exciting Value-Added Features And Bundle

Many a time, customers patronize a company’s product not just because of that product, but also what they get alongside the product. For example, power banks that let you have a take-along of multi Pronged cables to save you having to lift them around is a great choice. Most power banks come with a small LED light that you can use as a small torch when needed. Value added features like that have a way convincing you to look their way.

5. Safety

Always go for a power bank that comes with a power-cut to prevent a short circuit. This gives your power bank a longer life and also prevents it from overcharging.

6. Branded Options

Going for branded options comes with a sort of guarantee. Tried and tested options are the easy want if you are not ready for any future disappointments. Always buy your power banks from authorized retail stores and not the fake ones if you want the very best.

So, have you got a clear idea about how to choose a power bank for your phone and tablet after reading this? Let us know in the comments section which one you bought and why.

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