How to Change the iPhone Root Password on iOS 11 in 3 Steps

change iphone root password 1
change iphone root password 1

If you have probably jailbroken your iPhone or iPad using Electra Jailbreak for iOS 11 -iOS 11.1.2, then it is very important that you change the default root password to a new one. This is because Electra jailbreak tool installs an SSH server by default and this could be a major security risk if you connect to public WiFi networks.

If you have installed an SSH client on your device, you should change the default password too.

How to Change the iPhone Root Password on iOS 11

So below are a few steps to help you change the iPhone root password on iOS 11:

Step 1 – Get iPhone or iPad’s WiFi Address

First off you need to get the WiFi address of your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Go to Wi-Fi and tap on the blue information icon next to the WiFi network that your device is connected to.

Note down the IP address.

Step 2 – SSH into iPhone and iPad

Go to your Mac and open the Terminal application by going to /Applications/Utilities or via Spotlight.

When you get to the prompt, enter the following command and then press Enter.
ssh root@<IP Address>

Terminal may prompt you to confirm if you want to continue connecting, type in yes and then press the Enter key to proceed.

Enter alpine, which is the root password and then press the Enter key.

By now, you should be connected to your iPhone as the root user, the Terminal’s prompt will also change the name of your computer to root.

Step 3 – Change iPhone Root Password

To change your iPhone root password, type in passwd.

Now, it will prompt you to enter a new password. Type in any password you want as the new password and press Enter. You will be prompted to type it again. Do so and hit Enter again.

A prompt will come up again. It should confirm that the iPhone root password has been changed successfully.

That is all! Now, you should be protected and it will also prevent anyone else from getting root access to your iOS device when you are connected to a publick Wi-Fi network using the default password.

Wrap Up:

If you have any feedback or questions, make sure to let us know in the comments section below.


  1. I also read all over the web about the “hacker” and the default password. I find it quiet ‘weird’. If someone knows how (well .. more what it is) to install SSH from Cydia then you would think that they would be tech savy enough to know to change the root password as well – as they must’ve logged in with it surely. Otherwise what use would it have been to install SSH in the 1st place. You know what I am getting at. change root password from default.
    Great article to tell people how to do it in a variety of ways.

  2. Nice information and education from techvaz team on how to change iPhone root password on iOS 11 this is indeed very helpful


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