How to Choose the Best Smartwatch for Answering Calls

Today we will see how to choose the best smartwatch for answering calls. The smartwatch is one of the technological wearable devices that certainly intrigues the most. In fact, who as a child does not remember the films where the protagonists spoke through a watch on their wrist to be able to make calls? Well now it is possible to do it even in today’s reality and not only to call, but it is also possible to do many other things with a smartwatch, such as video calling, keeping physical activity under control, notifications arriving on the smartphone, and much more. In this guide on how to choose the best smartwatch, we will not only talk about Android devices, but it will be a slightly more general guide that will also mention devices that use an operating system different from that of the green robot.

But let’s start this guide on how to choose the best smartwatch for answering calls with the question, “Why should I buy a smartwatch?”. The smartwatch is the technological product of the moment, it has not yet been fully distributed, but it has ample room for improvement, in fact, it is enough to try it once and you will not be able to do without it. A smartwatch is in fact particularly useful for those who carry out physical activity, but also for those who drive or are at work and cannot keep their hands busy with the phone in hand. With a smartwatch on your wrist, on many occasions, everything becomes much simpler and more immediate to be able to communicate while continuing to do what you are doing. The smartwatch is finding more and more space among users who practice physical activity as if coupled with a specific smartphone app it is possible to keep various body parameters under control, but not only, messages that are sent to the smartphone can be received via the Bluetooth connection, as well as notifications from social networks, etc. they can be received and read from a smartwatch, a real convenience that will not limit the activity that is taking place at that moment.

best smartwatches brands
best smartwatches brands

Below are summarized the most common functions that smartwatches capable of making calls may have:

  • Receive notifications from connected phones (calls, messages, reminders, etc.)
  • Possibility of being able to answer directly from the wrist device you are wearing
  • Control music and other functions if connected to a phone. For example, change the track, turn up the volume, etc.
  • Monitor some parameters concerning physical activity, such as steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned
  • Many smartwatches have specific fitness tracking features with heart rate sensors etc.
  • Install applications that enhance the use of the smartwatch
  • Change watch faces customizing the look of your watch
  • Pay in a contactless mode in some models equipped with an NFC reader
  • Receive weather forecasts
  • Calendar function
  • Reminder function
  • Wakes up
  • Find your smartwatch if you lose it (some models have the “Find my device” function).

The smartwatches that can be used to be able to make calls can work to be able to make calls and be able to answer calls in different ways depending on the model chosen:

  • Via a proprietary SIM card that allows you to make and receive calls independently without having to connect the watch to your smartphone. These models are usually also able to receive text messages and make use of a data connection to surf the internet
  • With the use of an integrated eSIM reader that allows you to activate a data plan directly with compatible mobile phone operators. Also in this case the smartwatch can work autonomously for calls and messages without the need to connect to a smartphone
  • Bluetooth calling technology, however, requires the smartwatch to connect to the associated smartphone to make and receive calls. In this case, the smartphone must be nearby and accessed as it must be connected to the smartwatch via Bluetooth

Furthermore, the use of a smartwatch to be able to make calls leads to a whole series of advantages which are:

  • Maximum autonomy and convenience because you don’t always need to have your smartphone with you
  • Greater freedom for those who do sports and outdoor activities as it is more inconvenient to carry the phone with you, while a smartwatch remains tight on the wrist
  • Useful for those with hearing or mobility problems because it allows you to answer calls more easily thanks to the integrated speakerphone and microphone

So for those looking for autonomy and convenience, a smartwatch with SIM, eSIM or Bluetooth calling is the ideal solution for making phone calls without having to keep a smartphone in your hands. Smartwatches with SIM and eSIM in particular are the most suitable for those looking for a completely independent device from a smartphone.

Currently, all smartwatches use different operating systems, let’s see together the most important which are:

  • Android Wear (Wear OS): is the Android operating system created specifically for wearable devices such as a smartwatch. Obviously, these smartwatches are able to communicate with Android devices but often even if in a slightly more limited way with iOS devices from Apple
  • WatchOS: to have an excellent smartwatch it is not necessary to stay at home with Android, in fact, other brands, such as Apple, have also created their smartwatch. However, unlike Wear OS, WatchOS remains a more closed operating system as per Apple tradition, in fact, it is possible to use these types of devices only with devices from the same manufacturer, such as iPhone
  • Other OS: WearOS and WatchOS we say that they are the best known and most followed smartwatch operating systems by developers for a matter of public they manage to reach, however there are also other operating systems such as Tizen OS, an operating system based on Linux which was also used by Samsung, then there are other proprietary operating systems, perhaps simpler and more basic and we find them even if it is not a rule on particularly cheap low-end devices

In addition to the operating system, when you have to choose the best smartwatch for answering calls, the size of the display and the type of screen in use are important (not just LCD displays, some smartwatches in fact use AMOLED technology for always perfect colors and viewing angles ), the construction material, which is not necessarily always just plastic or materials derived from it, but the smartwatch can also be made of steel or precious metals to offer maximum durability to the device and at the same time also give an elegant to the wearer.

Among the many features that a smartwatch should have, those that in my opinion should not be missing, in addition of course to the main ones such as calls, notifications, etc., are:

  • The pedometer if you have to take long walks to keep fit
  • The compass to never lose your bearings
  • The GPS for route information, times, route calculation, to be able to find the device if lost, etc.
  • NFC to make contactless payments

All these functions could sooner or later be used by a smartwatch owner, for example by those who love walking in the open air, perhaps in the countryside, in this way they avoid getting lost and will always find their way back home. Then there are some smartwatches for making calls that are also able to work to measure blood pressure and as a heart rate monitor, but a special guide has been written for these devices that you can read by clicking on this LINK.

I also advise you to choose a smartwatch model that has a battery with a capacity that guarantees at least 1-2 days of normal use with a few calls, while models that only use Bluetooth to connect to the smartphone for making calls, could be able to last even a few more days (3-5). For a longer life, check if the smartwatch has an energy-saving function, a feature that I find very useful especially when the battery is running low.

As far as prices are concerned when you find yourself choosing the best smartwatch for answering calls, you will realize that there are really many models, but if you want a model with telephony functionality, the costs generally start from 200- 300 euros for a good smartwatch and then go up to the top-of-the-range models with the best performance that can cost even 500 euros and more, but in this case, decidedly more advanced functions are generally offered, moreover, in this case, the quality and features of the device will certainly be of high quality.

By following the advice you have found in this guide, you will surely find the ideal smartwatch for your calling and messaging needs and this will allow you to always remain practically reachable wherever you are. If you are now looking for a smartwatch that can also make calls but you don’t know where to start your search, then I suggest you use the bestseller ranking below as a starting point for your searches, from which you can see all the best smartwatch to call of the moment, with respective descriptions and reviews released by users.

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