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Review – Ticwatch E, style and economy define one of the best Android Wear smartwatch

Review –  Ticwatch E (express) Smartwatch

The  Ticwatch E (express) Smartwatch is not your average smartwatch, it offers more freedom and mobility than the typical watch. Powered by Android Wear v2.8, the smartwatch supports Google assistant, Google Fit, Shazam, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and more other 5k apps you can download from Android Wear Store. Stay connected to all your favorite apps even when you are out running, with the Ticwatch E smartwatch from Ticwatch. The watch comes with everything you would expect on a smartwatch and more, letting you take care of your health daily.

A sports smartwatch that motivates you to keep fit daily, with calorie intake and nutrition calculator. The Heart rate monitor on this smartwatch is also very easy to use as well, as it fits perfectly on your wrist. Its available right now for just a token in a flash sale on an online store (details below). But before you make your purchase, you deserve to know all the details of this smartwatch and what the hype is all about? Let’s take a thorough look at this mobile beauty. Meet the  Ticwatch E (express) Smartwatch.


Where do I start from? Definitely the best-looking smartwatch I’ve seen in a while with three beautiful colors to choose from. Its available in Shadow, Lemon, and Ice, which practically translates to Black, Lemon Green, and White. So there are three different shades of colors to fit your personality, style, and outfits. We have got the black color for review from Geekbuying. It comes with exclusive watch faces designed by Ticwatch, to bring out the beauty in the smartwatch. It sports a physical navigation button by the side as well, for easy access to your smartwatch st anytime.

As with all Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches, you will find a button around the circumference of the watch to make use of the list of installed applications or the Google assistant, which can help you with tasks such as sending text messages or telling you about the weather. Of course, unlike most, this button is on the left side of the watch , which does not really create a problem, it’s just worth pointing out. The front, as you will imagine, is occupied by the screen in its entirety .

At the bottom, there is a heart rate sensor , and inside there is a GPS, which differs from the one in the Ticwatch S, in an effort to provide better performance. Additionally, we also find the magnetic load pins of  the watch.

The handle was made from rubber to give that soft and warm feel to your wrist, measuring up to 160 mm in total length. The band width of the Ticwatch E smartwatch measures 20mm and weighs in total 41.5g, which is light and won’t weigh you down. Its IP67 certified offering water resistance and overall durability. The  Ticwatch E (express) Smartwatch won the award for best smartwatch design at the GOOD design award in 2016. Beating all other smartwatch with its quality design, meaning the  Ticwatch E (express) Smartwatch is your ideal smartwatch if you are into design and style.

With that being said, you would be rocking a fashionable piece of art on your wrist. Which will be envy to passerby and people you would meet when rocking the device. This award-winning wrist watch is a total package, beautiful on the outside and powerful on the inside as well. The rubber straps are very soft and tender, leaving no marks on your skin, unlike other smartwatch. If you don’t like the rubber design on the smartwatch, you can easily change it to chain or leather depending on your choice by just pulling down a pin at the back of the rubber strap.

However, we can say that the included strap is made of flexible silicone , so it should not be scratched, worn or cracked in the short term , even when it is given a moderate daily use. This is an advantageous difference over the standard rubber belt used by other manufacturers.

The Ticwatch E does not strive to make known that it is a smart watch. Apart from the screen always on and the construction quite thick, it would be difficult to separate it from a batch of analog clocks. And that is an admirable quality, something that surprises us that can be achieved at such a low price.

The cable provided to charge the watch is flat, 1m long , highly durable and magnetic as the cargo area. In addition, your connection is immediate; when approaching them, they do not hesitate to stick to each other.


Ticwatch E (express) Smartwatch sports a round 1.4 inch OLED screen, with a screen resolution of 400 x 400 pixels. The display is pretty impressive for a smartwatch I must confess, looking quite magnificent and stunning.

All the details on the screen are always crystal clear and sharp, with 287 pixels per inch density, what more could you ask for on the screen of a smartwatch. A Sapphire crystal glass mirror surface protects the screen from falls and scratches as well. It’s also dust resistant, so dust won’t cover the screen when you are out running in the woods. The mirror glass is solid, probably stronger than the Corning Gorilla Glass 5, depending on what it encounters though.

The glass is well built and thick, dishing out of the best rugged overall screen on a smartwatch. From displaying real-time clock, your messages, and all other details, the screen is brilliant than ever. While out jogging in the rain, you don’t even need to take a swipe at the screen to see it. It can also auto-adjust the screen brightness depending on the time of the day for real-time viewing. It dims in the dark to save power and serve you for longer, then it brightens up during the day.

Dont miss the Ticwatch water test:

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Overall, the OLED screen is a stunner and won’t disappoint you when you are out and about, whether under the rain or sun. Even after being underwater for a while, there won’t be any water residue under the screen to disrupt your viewing pleasure. When the sun is really hot and bright, the screen auto adjust itself making it much brighter, so you won’t miss a thing. When jogging during late hours, the attractive lights showing on the watch can be turned off. But if you are a show-off, you can leave it on for people to wonder and admire the lights on your wrist.

Hardware and Software

Multitask through apps and tasks with 512MB of RAM, while for storage, there’s 4GB internal storage space. The storage space is big enough for a smartwatch, to be honest, allowing you to store enough music and apps. It houses the MediaTek MT2601 chip which is doing all the necessary works to be done under the hood.

It also has a Dual-core processor which reaches a clock speed of 1.2GHz, for fast performance and smooth navigation. No hanging time with this smartwatch, everything just runs really smooth. The processor clock speed is perfect for a smartwatch; it won’t keep you waiting at anytime.

Unlike some models in the market, the Ticwatch E includes a microphone and a speaker to answer calls. All as long as you are in an environment with Wi-Fi 802.11 in some of the following bands – b / g / n.

The intelligent chip on the smartwatch makes it quite compatible pair with Android and iOS devices with ease. It isn’t called a smartwatch for no reason, its smart enough to tell you about your various habits. Not just that, it also shows you all the information you need to know, from real-time weather to translation. Furthermore, it can let you know about real-time road conditions as well as traffic. Also get your daily reminders on time right on your wrist, to help perform tasks before they are too late.

You won’t miss a thing about your location information service, as you get updates right on your  Ticwatch E (express) Smartwatch. With Android Wear powering the device, you can make more than calls and messages with this smartwatch. Google Play is fully active on the smartwatch, allowing you to get Google Assistant and Google Fit. Yes, you can listen to music via a speaker or Bluetooth headset while doing your daily routine.

The Ticwatch E is compatible with both Android 4.3+ and iOS 8.0+, since it is a basic feature provided by Android Wear 2. But this particular watch goes a step further because it comes with its own dedicated application called Ticwear, which honestly is not very useful since it only provides a more panoramic view of your fitness statistics.

Moving through the Ticwatch E was really nice, swiping your finger to the left or right allows you to change your current design. Swiping up from the bottom allows you to see notifications that may have been entered. And finally, sliding to the bottom allows you to access some of the quick settings.

By pressing the power button, a list of installed applications opens , it is clear that the MediaTek processor within the Ticwatch E is modern and capable of providing a smooth operating experience.


It is powered by a 300mah battery, which should only take 1-2 hours to go from 0% to 100%. Once fully charged, the  Ticwatch E (express) Smartwatch can go up to 3-4 days on standby. But when heavily used, it might not last a day, depending on how heavy you use it. But with a couple of light usages now and then, then you are guaranteed of at least two days of fun.

Specific functions and applications

Now let’s see the integrated applications to see what you get with the watch:

Agenda – this application lists the upcoming events that were added to the calendar of your phone.

Alarm – has a great looking user interface by turning the external dials to set the time.

Contacts – allows you to make calls and messages directly from your watch.

Find my phone – this application will obviously help you find your phone, making it sound.

Google Fit – gives you information and statistics about your daily exercise, as well as the ability to record your heart rate. Physical training is basically a quick shortcut to the “add fitness training” button.

Fit – this allows you to start tracking a new workout in Mobvoi’s own health application tracking system.

Flashlight –  is basically what your name indicates. The screen illuminates up to 100% of the brightness level with a white background so you can see in the dark.

Health – Mobvoi’s own version of Google Fit as an application, although it is even more complete and detailed, taking advantage of the features of the watch.

Heart rate – this application allows you to keep your pulse record and also offers you a live demographic.

Phone:  allows you to directly call a specific number or a contact, similar to the contact application mentioned above.

Play Store:  allows you to search for new applications, and also offers you the possibility to download the complementary applications for which you have installed on your phone.

Reminders – As the name suggests, add reminders.

Settings – this application allows you to access the customizations and settings of your watch. How to configure the font size, volume, and timbre, remove installed applications, configure new gestures on your watch, enable or disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, change accessibility options, personalization, among others.

Steps ranking – this other application compares its movement activity with that of other Ticwatch users nearby.

Google Translate – this is interesting because it allows you not only to quickly translate to your language of choice but by leaning the clock towards you, the translated text is magnified and inverted, which will help you to communicate quickly with people.

Some other novel applications:  stopwatch, timer, climate, and power.

A fun or perhaps annoying feature that you have is the sedentary reminder. Which lets you know when you’ve been stuck for too long, and you need to get up for a walk.

Other Features

So many amazing features on this smartwatch, I can’t list them all, you can connect to any smartphone with Bluetooth. The Bluetooth version 4.1 on the smartwatch lets you view messages, contacts, notification reminders on the device it connects to. The Heart Rate Monitor or Heart Tracker on the smartwatch is pretty epic and helps you keep fit. It can also help detect when your heart isn’t healthy and you need to see a Doctor.

Reply SMS with voice on this smartwatch wherever you are, you can also tilt to wake screen or drop to dim. A built-in GPS is ready to let you know wherever you are in the world, in case you get lost while jogging in the woods. Calculate calories, measure nutrition and manage your overall workout schedule, all on your wrist. When using this smartwatch, I don’t think you need a personal trainer. Your trainer is on your wrist, always ready to motivate and support you.

For those who hate boring styles, there’s nothing to worry about. Ticwatch has designed more than 20 different dials for the clock. Some are more inclined to fashion, others use an analog screen, and some include extra information such as date, the daily count of steps and even temperature.

It is unlikely that you need to download more from the store, but if you are looking for something in particular, it is always an option. Other features include everything you would expect from Android 2.0:  GPS, music, and notifications with animated icons for each application on your phone. The only important thing that is missing is Android Pay (because it does not have NFC), which is a big disappointment.

Still, notifications are particularly useful, especially when you can see a lot of the content of the email on the screen, as well as comments from social networks. The Ticwatch S could be the model designated as “sporty,” but this E model also benefits from many fitness applications.


It is not difficult to find a smartwatch that fits in your daily life. In a world full of wearables like the Xiaomi Huami Amazfit 2, there is something for everyone, at least with style. What is not so available is a complete and low budget smartwatch, but the Ticwatch E fills that gap. This impresses with its simple design and robust set of features. Less than two years ago, we would not have been able to find a watch with so much technology for less than $ 300. Something that in itself makes the Ticwatch E even more tempting.

For those who have not taken the step in Android Wear, the Ticwatch E is an excellent option for those who have simple needs. While it lacks LTE and NFC capabilities, this watch feels no less without them. The best we can say is that reflecting on the latest years of Android Wear smart watches, this is one of the few that is worth spending money.

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Ticwatch E Specifications

Brand: Ticwatch
Model: Express
Certificate: IP67 (water and dust)
Image format: GIF, JPG, PNG
Music format: MP3
OS: Android Wear 2.0
CPU: MTK2601, dual core
RAM: 512MB
External memory: n/a
Connection type: Bluetooth, Wifi
Bluetooth: V4.1
Wifi: 802.11 b / g / n
SIM slot: n/a
Compatibility: Android 4.3+, iOS 8.0+
Navigation: GPS, GLONASS, Beidu
Sensors: Proximity, accelerometer, gyroscope, cardiac monitor.
Health monitor: Heart rate sensor, pedometer
Other: Music, Google Fit, messaging, calls, Google Assistant.
Application: Ticwear
Application language: English, Chinese
Smartwatch language: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, etc.
Battery: 300mAh
Total length: 160mm
Belt width: 20mm
Product weight: 41.5g
It includes: Ticwatch E, USB charging cable, manual in English.

Price and Availability

The Sports watch goes for just $159.99, which is almost 50% off its original price on Geekbuying.com. What are you waiting for? Head over to Geekbuying.com to get this smartwatch, only 43 pieces left.

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