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One of the big problems of smartwatches is their limited battery life. The truth is that it is the great Achilles heel of these wearables since having to charge our smartwatch continuously weighs down the experience with watches of this type. And this is where TicWatch Pro comes in, the smartwatch with the most battery life on the market.

Therefore we have decided to try this device that has left us some very positive impressions. Not only because of its exquisite design and hardware at the height of the best smartwatches on the market, but also because after our analysis of the TicWatch Pro it is clear that, in terms of battery life, this smartwatch has no rival at its height.

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Design of the TicWatch Pro

We will start talking about the design of this TicWatch Pro. Say that the watch has a circular dial that has 14.6 mm in thickness and 45 mm in diameter so it is suitable for any wrist. Its touch is pleasant and the manufacture of metal and carbon fiber makes that EstTicWatch Pro has quality finishes that make it look like a very premium watch.

Another point that makes a difference comes with its strap made of Italian leather and that has a silicone layer on the bottom, which is not visible, so that the strap lasts much longer and does not wear out after continued use, especially for those users who practice sports. You can rest assured that the sweat will not damage the watch.

You will see that there are two buttons located on the right side of the clock. These buttons will serve to navigate the interface of the device and we can say that their resistance to pressure and the path they take is more than correct.

Nor will there be any problem in submerging the smartwatch in the water or running in the rain since the TicWatch Pro has IP67 certification that gives the device a high resistance to dust and water. To this, we must add the heart rate sensor located at the bottom and monitor our heart rate while we perform any physical activity. In addition to having GPS built need not take our smartphone when we go to practice any sport.

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Another of the details that have surprised us most about the design of the TicWatch Pro comes with the small vibration motor that integrates this smartwatch and that has seemed very useful when receiving notifications and calls. Yes, the TicWatch Pro has a built-in microphone so that we can answer directly without having to pick up the phone.

Technical characteristics of the TicWatch Pro

We go to see the entrails of the smartwatch with a greater battery life of the market. And we will start talking about the heart of silicon that gives life to the TicWatch Pro. In this case, we have a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, the American manufacturer’s version for smartwatches that offers excellent performance. To this, we must add 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage, a very standard configuration in high-end smartwatches.

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Following the specifications of the TicWatch Pro, say that this smartwatch has all the connectivity that any average user needs – WiFi connection, built-in GPS, Bluetooth 4.2 and NFC to make payments directly with this smartwatch since it has Android Wear OS, the version of the operating system of Google for smartwatches that obtains such good results.

But without a doubt, the most important element of this watch is the screen of the TicWatch Pro, or rather its two screens. Yes, this smartwatch has two screens. How can it be? very simple, the manufacturer has incorporated a first LCD screen and a second panel below to increase the battery life of this clock to the maximum. As we said, the first screen consists of a 1.39-inch LCD panel that offers basic information such as time or notifications to avoid excessive battery consumption.

And if we want to use the features of a smartwatch we just have to press a button to activate the AMOLED screen of 1.39 inches and 400 x 400 resolution that offers excellent performance. Using this simple trick, which we believe should be copied by all manufacturers, it is possible to extend the battery life of the TicWatch Pro in a remarkable way – we managed to arrive without problems after 5 days without having to load the device through its charging base It has a fast charging system.

In conclusion, with this hardware configuration, the  TicWatch Pro works like silk, loading any application without problems and offering a really good performance. If we add the trick of the two screens to reduce the maximum energy consumption to expand the battery and its adjusted price, we can buy it on Amazon for 249 euros, we have before us one of the best options to consider if you are looking a good smartwatch with long battery life.

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