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Mobvoi Ticwatch E (EXPRESS) Android Wear Smartwatch – Unboxing

The new Ticwatch E (express) is a genuinely designed Android Wear smartwatch from Mobvoi that offers more freedom and mobility than the typical watch. The Ticwatch E is a 1.4″ OLED Display smartwatch that supports Google assistant, Bluetooth, GPS, WIFI, Music, Google Fit, Uber, Shazam, Facebook Messenger and lot more. You can stay connected to all your favorite apps even when you are out running. The watch comes with everything you would expect on a smartwatch and more, letting you take care of your health daily.

Ticwatch E (EXPRESS) Android Wear Smartwatch


Key Features Of Ticwatch E (EXPRESS) Android Wear Smartwatch

1.2GHz Dual-core MT2601

Dual core intelligent chip, gives the watch phone more excellent performance, perfectly compatible with Android and iOS dual systems.

Comprehensively gets to know your various habits, and provides you relevant information, such as – real time road conditions, weather, translation, daily reminders and location information service, so convenient to your life!

4G ROM + 512M RAM, 300mAh Battery

Ticwatch E has large memory space, 4G ROM + 512M RAM for you to use; 300mAh battery is also convenient for your using.

Google Assistant

Optimizing on the basis of google now, google assistant can solve problems for you in a constant conversation. It can help you find the headlines and the fastest path, call contact, even i directly share photos with your friends in the photos application.

Google Fit

Ticwatch E can provide tracking data and storage data  for health tracking applications.

1.4 Inch OLED 400 x 400 Resolution 287 PPI

Using 1.4 inch OLED round screen with HD 400 x 400 px resolution at 287 PPI, with Sapphire crystal glass mirror surface, which further exaggerate it’s quality and beauty.

Bluetooth 4.1

After connected the watch to smartphone via Bluetooth, you can view messages, contacts ,notification reminders etc

Bluetooth Functions – Call, Message

After connected with Bluetooth, you can experience those functions – See messages, contacts ,notification reminders. and

Health Tracker: Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer

Take good care of you, monitor your heart rate, record your sports data.

Special Fuction: Call Uber;”OK Tico” hotword;Tilt to wake screen, drop to dim the screen;SMS reply with voice


We shall be taking an in-depth review on the Ticwatch E in our upcoming smartwatch article. Stay tuned!

Price and Availability

The smartwatch is now available for pre-order at just $141.99, which is almost 50% off its original price ($229.99) on Geekbuying.com. What are you waiting for? Head over to Geekbuying.com to get this smartwatch, only few pieces left.

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  1. Ticwatch E is most comfortable Smartwatch…. Track your heart rate and steps, calculate calories burned, measure nutrition intake and manage your workout schedule independent of your Ticwatch E.


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