How To Clear Various DStv Error Codes On Your Decoder?

Owning a DStv comes with its entertainment and enjoyment. But there will always be errors at some point or the other. These errors can disrupt your viewing pleasure and you really do not want that.

If you own a DStv decoder, then you need these very useful tips to clear these errors so you can watch your favorite programs on your TV, whenever you want. Let’s jump right into it as soon as possible:

How Can I Clear DStv Error E16-4- Service Is Currently Scrambled?

This is one of the most rampant DStv error codes, and most customers have seen it at one point or the other. When it is visible on your screen, it means your account is suspended because you are yet to pay for that channel or it is not available where you are. To fix, simply pay and start to enjoy your TV again. Press Menu, and then choose 4 to see your Mail Messages. This is where you will see a payment notification. If your account is suspended for delayed payments, press “My Account” to get rid of this error code. The DSTV site can clear it too.


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How Can I Clear DStv Error Code E30- Service Is Currently Scrambled?

2 things can cause this error. It could be seen by customers if they are installing DStv for the first time or if they just renewed their subscription after a long break. The error means your Smartcard is confirming your subscription status. To clear it, you just need to hold on while your subscription is undergoing verification. The error should be cleared asap, but if it does not, reach out to the DSTV Contact Center.

How Can I Clear DStv Error Code E18- Unknown Smartcard?

This means the service is scrambled and access has been stopped. The issue can come up if the decoder has been disconnected from its satellite for a long period or if it is disconnected from power. It can also be shown on your screen if an incorrect Smartcard is inserted, or when the correct card is inserted in a wrong manner. If the card is dusty, you can see this error too. It could also be a technical problem with DSTV. To clear it, simply connect anything that has been disconnected, hold on for 15 minutes and things will be back to normal. Re-insert the right card, arrow facing the decoder and the chip facing downwards and then reboot the decoder. See to it that the card is not dusty or dirty.

How Can I Clear DStv Error Code E04- Please Insert Smartcard?

This means your smartcard is not in your decoder or it was not inserted properly. To clear the error, power off the DStv decoder, take out the card, and carefully wipe it with a dry piece of cloth, and then reinsert it correctly (chip facing downwards, arrow facing the decoder). If the error is still displaying after doing this, reboot your decoder.

How Can I Clear DStv Error Code E14- Service Is Currently Scrambled?

This means your service has been scrambled or your transmission is suspended. Before anything else, confirm to be sure that you have paid for the service. If payment has been made, simply switch to another channel and then go back. Reboot the decoder if the problem still does not go away.

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Other Codes And Their Meaning:

  1.  E05 – Cannot read smartcard.
  2.  E06 – Smartcard fault. Cannot read.
  3. E07 – Checking Smartcard.
  4. E08 – CA Module failure – The Control Access module is malfunctioning. Visit the closest DSTV office.
  5. E34 – Cannot read smartcard.
  6. E37 – Invalid channel number.
  7. E38 – Program Map Table Not Available.
  8. E42 – Parental Control PIN Blocked.
  9. E43 – Not for this country.
  10.  E44 – No PG status is available.
  11. E70 – Services not available on TV2.
  12. E71 – Song title and artist info not available.
  13. E72 – Rescan in progress.
  14. E73 – TV link overload.
  15. E74 – LNB1 overload.
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