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How To Fix Galaxy A10 “No Signal” Issue

Sometimes, Galaxy A10 can automatically lose network signals. Are you experiencing this? If you are, don’t just think it is only Galaxy A10 that has the problem. Not at all.  This is actually one of the common network problems for any smartphone. But there is a remedy, something has to be done to rectify this problem, that is why we initiated this topic to help you fix your Galaxy A10 no signal issue. Not only that, we will show you various steps you can resolve the issue by your self without relying on another person for assistance.

How to Fix Galaxy A10 No Signal Issue

To fix the Galaxy A10 no signal issue is very simple and easy so if you are experiencing this problem don’t worry, follow this troubleshooting steps below:

Verify Network Is Up

It is very obvious that when experiencing a signal or network issue, the first thing to do is ensure that there’s no obvious network-related problem behind it. So whenever your phone started showing no signal issues all of a sudden, have in mind that there may be an outage or carrier-side trouble. The number of signal bars on the top is an absolutely good indicator of whether or not there’s a signal issue. Always have in mind that whenever your Galaxy A10 has the No Signal error and there are no bars on top to confirm it, then you should try improving the situation first. In case you are inside a  Building, why not move or go to an open place. Then if there is no change, don’t panic yet, make do with this troubleshooting guidelines

Reset SIM

Temporarily disconnect the SIM card, this is indeed the next thing you suppose to do. Is not a new thing, you know why? Because simple step has been found effective in fixing an issue like this on older Samsung Galaxy devices before. To avoid corrupting data.  You are advised to switch off your phone before you remove the SIM card. Do the same before you insert back the card.

Reset Network Settings

If you realized that after carrying out all these steps the problem persists. The next thing you will do is to reset all network. To do this kindly follow the below guidelines:

  1. Swipe up on an empty spot to open the Apps tray on the home screen
  2. Click on General Management > Reset > Reset network settings.
  3. Click on Reset Settings
  4. Enter your pin if in case you have set it up
  5. Click Reset Settings.

Once completed a confirmation window will appear. If you follow the above guideline Carefully you will successful fix Galaxy A10 No Signal issues.

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