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How To “Force” 4G LTE on Samsung GALAXY S8/NOTE 8

If you would like to force 4G LTE on Samsung Galaxy S8 or Note 8 then you’re in luck as we will be showing you how to do so. The ability to switch to 4G LTE only on most android is something that is always locked, leaving only the auto connect between 4G LTE/3G/2G or just 3G/2G if you wish. There is usually no option in the settings menu of most android device to be in 4G LTE Only and the Samsung Galaxy S8/Note 8 isn’t left out. The reason for this is probably due to the fact that the 4G LTE isn’t widespread yet and somewhat not stable so if there isn’t a strong 4G network, it switches to 3G for the time being till the 4G Network comes back up. However, some bad 4G networks are better than some 3G networks so some people would prefer to have the 4G Networks at all times, regardless of how bad it gets.

Of course this can be done but you need to know that putting your phone to 4G LTE only will drain It’s battery and heat up the device. Especially if you’re downloading a heavy file or actively using your phone while in 4G Mode. Now that you know all these and still want to go ahead with it, you can now follow the steps below to force 4G LTE on your Samsung Galaxy S8/Note 8.

How To “Force” 4G LTE on Samsung GALAXY S8/NOTE 8

There are two ways to do this, you can either download an app from the Google Play Store and let it do the heavy lifting for you or do it manually. We will be laying out the steps involved in both and you can choose the one you want.

Force 4G LTE on Samsung GALAXY S8/NOTE 8 using an app

There are many apps on the Google Play Store one can use to achieve this but for this tutorial, we will be making use of the app called “4G Only Network Mode” so you’ll have to head to the Google Play store and make a search for the app and download it onto your phone. After downloading the app, Launch it and Select the Open Secret Settings option.

Under “Set preferred network type” Select “LTE Only”. Doing this will automatically force your device into 4G Only mode. However, you should know that you will be unable to make phone calls while in 4G Only mode.

How To “Force” 4G LTE on Samsung GALAXY S8/NOTE 8 without an app

  • To do this without an app, Open your dialer app and type in this Code – *# *#4636# *# * (Together)
  • Immediately your type in this code, a Menu will pop up with “Phone Information 1”

  • Click on the “Phone Information 1″ and Select the ” LTE/WCDMA/GSM” or “WCDMA/GSM” or “GSM Only” depending on the one your phone is currently on.

  • You’ll see a list of network options, Scroll and look for “LTE Only” and Select it.

  • Once you do that, then you’ve successfully done it. Quit the Menu and your be able to see the 4G Icon close to the network bar.

That’s how to forced 4G LTE on Samsung Galaxy S8/Note 8. If you happen to have any issues or run into any problems while trying the above method then you can let us know through the comment section down below.

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