How to install an app not available in your country


The Play Store has a total of thousands of apps developed all over the world. Some of these, however, are only available in certain geographical areas, with the result that when you try to download them, a message appears saying- “this app is not available in your country”. Fortunately, it is possible to bypass this territorial limit.

In this guide, we at TechVaz will show you how to install apps that are not available in your country. No Root permissions or complicated procedures to perform on the device, all you have to do is use a very useful third-party application.

How to install an app not available in your country

Did you find the app you wanted but you can’t install it on your smartphone because it’s not available in the country you’re in? If you do not accept that a geographical limitation prevents you from using the app that you so wanted on your smartphone, then you will not have to do anything but install a simple app that makes your device believe you are in a different place than where you really are.

The app in question is called TunnelBear VPN, which you can download for Android and for iOS. It is one of the easiest ways to use functional VPNs currently in circulation and does exactly what you expect in this case- make your smartphone believe you are in a different country than where you actually are. In this way, you can easily download any app, even the one not available in the country where you are.

Once you have registered via email, you will immediately have 500MB of data available for free, which can be increased to 1GB with a simple Tweet. You can still use the app without restrictions by purchasing a monthly subscription at the price of 7.57 euros or an annual fee of 53.09 euros.

TunnelBear is very simple to use. Once you have started the app and logged in, you will see on your mobile screen a map showing several yellow tunnels (about one for each state). Each tunnel is a TunnelBear server to which you can connect and create a VPN line. Once the desired server is selected, a secure connection will be established within just 5 seconds. From this moment on you can start surfing the internet as if you were in the selected foreign country. Simple, isn’t it?

But what does VPN mean?

The acronym VPN (Virtual Private Network) stands for a Private Virtual Network – a sort of private and protected corner within a large public space known as the World Wide Web. VPNs function as a group of private networks connected to a public network, which require authentication before a user can access the Internet. As they are also secure networks, they are able to block access to any “user” outside the VPN who wants to acquire data, control the exchange of files and/or information or hack the system.

TunnelBear therefore uses this type of network to create a secure connection with its servers and make your smartphone believe that it is in a foreign country from where you actually are. The application is very attentive to your privacy and uses 256-bit AES encryption and the OpenVPN eIPSec / IKEv2 protocol. This makes the VPN network activated with TunnelBear extremely secure.

In addition, the app provides its own protection service, called VigilantBear, which can guarantee greater security even in the most vulnerable moments and, to ensure maximum privacy, it does not track either the IP address or the activities you do online while you are connected via VPN.


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