How To Play YouTube Clips In The Background On Your iPhone Without Leaving The App Open?

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Playing YouTube clips in the background as you use your iPhone is just not as simple as when you do it on a PC.

Lets say you are riding shotgun in your buddy’s vehicle. Its weekend, and you are jamming music from your preferred YouTube playlist. Then somebody asks you for directions. Because your iPhone is already linked to the vehicle’s stereo, as soon as you exit YouTube, the song stops, and you will ruin the mood of everybody in the car.

You do not want to be a mood ruiner. No one wants to.

Fans of YouTube have always complained about this inconvenience. There was formerly a way to avoid this, all you had to do was navigate to YouTube using Safari rather than the YouTube application and rock your songs from there, but that method no longer works.

Meaning, sadly, the single way to play songs from YouTube in the background is to register for YouTube’s paid subscription service, YouTube Premium.

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YouTube Premium will cost you $11.99 i.e 4,316 naira monthly for one account (Students get to pay $6.99 i.e 2,516 naira monthly,) or $17.99 i.e 6,476 naira monthly for 6 accounts if you want a Family Plan. Registering will delete all advertisements on YouTube clips, let you download clips to watch offline, and grant you access to “YouTube Original” clips and YouTube Music, the website’s music streaming service.

Plus, surely, you will be able to listen to audio from YouTube clips in the background, even as you make use of other applications.

This is how you can register for YouTube Premium, and begin to listen to YouTube anytime you wish in the background.

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How Can I Play In The Background Using YouTube Premium?

Before anything else, you have to register for YouTube Premium.

  1. Head to the YouTube Premium homepage here.
  2.  Tap the blue button that tells you to “TRY IT FREE,” and a window will be visible for you to type in your payment info.
  3.  Type in your payment info and zip code. YouTube Premium gives you a 1-month free trial, therefore, if you are registering for the 1st time, you will not pay the $11.99 till a month elapses. But YouTube can charge you $1 at first to ensure the payment info you entered is authentic, but your money will be back in your account few days later.
  4. The YouTube account you made use of to register for Premium will be given access instantly to every fresh feature of Premium.

To play music in the background:

  1. Launch YouTube.
  2. Head to the clip you intend to listen to in the background.
  3. Immediately it begins to play, you are allowed to return to your device’s Home screen, and launch other applications. You will be able to pause and play the clip’s audio from the iPhone’s Control Center, by launching it and pressing your finger on the music tab for sometime.

Just ensure you are always subscribed to YouTube Premium, and listening to YouTube clips without having the app open will be easy.


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