How To Power On An Android Device With A Broken Power Button

It happens rarely, but when it does, it can end things. If your mobile device was presently switched on when it occurred, you can be safe for some time. If it wasn’t, bad luck. Or not? This article was written to discuss how to turn on an Android device with a power button that is broken. Believe me when I say it can actually be fixed if you know what to do.

The phones out there right now are quite tough. They still function when they are dropped, wet, and when they have survived several years. They have to be tough though if you think about what users like you and me put them through. Abandoning them in our pockets, bags, exposing them to several harsh weather conditions and so on.

Given how much reliant we are on our smartphones, a fault like a broken power button can spell disaster. Even an online delivery expected the next day after purchase feels like a long time to exist without a mobile phone.

How You Can Fix A Broken Android Power Button

How to make this happen depends on how the fault took place. If the power button is now nowhere to be found, you might still find out that turning it on and off is possible. If the button is still visible but no longer does its job, we must put in the work, but can still engage in turning the device on and off until you replace it.

Here are ways to go about it:

Have The Buttons Replaced

If the power button is nowhere to be found, make use of a cocktail stick or Q-tip to turn the smartphone on or off. Ensure you use what is non-conductive to decrease the chance of affecting the battery negatively. Several power buttons are housed with plastic but there are metal components closeby so ensure you make use of what will not make your harm your device.

You should be able to toggle the hardware switch to turn your device on with a cocktail stick. You will now be able to use the smartphone as normal, but it has to always be charged, as this will make it useful until your new smartphone arrives.

Try The Bootloader

If your device is powered off, attempt loading into the Android Bootloader. The precise combination is dependent on your device model and information on that should be visible online.

On a Samsung Galaxy S7 when turned off, you will be able to press and hold the volume down button as you connect to the USB and the device will load into “Download Mode.” This is basically a bootloader with a different name which you can use to turn on as you should. You can now press volume down to cancel loading into this mode and the smartphone will boot well.

Your device might have an identical combination that lets you begin without that power button.

Use ADB Software App

ADB is a software application that can be utilized for Android debugging. It entails additional effort than the methods already listed but it will turn your device on if it is off. The only issue is that it will only function if you have USB Debugging enabled on your device. Users that fancy engaging in moving in between apps will have this setting active but it is far from a mainstream doing.

To Enable USB Debugging:

  1. Select Settings and About Device.
  2. Locate Build Number and click it 7 times.
  3. Click 4 more times after the prompt.
  4. Select back and then the new Developer Options menu item.
  5. Select to turn on USB Debugging.

This will function when the device is on, so get it done now cos you might need it tomorrow.

Then you can make use of ADB.

  1. Download and install ADB o your PC.
  2. Have your device connected to your PC through USB.
  3. Open the folder where you had ADB installed, shift + right click and select Open command prompt here (Windows).
  4. Type “adb devices” and click Enter.
  5. Type “adb reboot” and click Enter.
  6. Steps four and five will not always be effective and will depend on your phone’s model.

To function, your device has to pop up in the CMD window after the fourth step. If that happens, the fifth step will also function. If you are not a Windows user, use OS.

If your device is on, have the power button replaced with an application.