How To Purchase The Right Smartphone Case?


You most likely do not require a case for your smartphone. Except you know yourself for being clumsy and massively careless, like me. Smartphones of our time are shockingly rugged, despite liberal swaths of glass on their screens and at times, their backs.

But accidents will not tell you before they happen and if you are open to covering up the sleek appearance your phone has, an additional layer of protection wrapped around it is a decent idea. This is how you can choose the most appropriate one that suits your risk-taking lifestyle.

1. Protection

This was formerly a vital reason to buy a case in the first place. Nowadays, several phones are waterproof and water-resistant—on their own and the newest versions of screen and back glass are quite tougher than the ones they replaced too. The Gorilla Glass 6, for example, that Samsung used for the screen in its Galaxy S10 phone, is twice as tough as its precursor and have undergone tests to face 15 drops from a height of one meter and live to tell the tale. There are various things that are considered here, surely, like the angle which the device hits the floor, but the screen is designed to be tough enough to handle a few tumbles without battling any damage.

2. Screen Protectors

If you desire a stand-alone screen protector, there are lots of options you can choose from. Tempered glass, PET, and TPU protectors are the most rampant. PET, and TPU protectors are plastic and normally more flexible but tempered glass is definitely not suited to bending.

TPU is quite soft but it goes for the least price here. The saved cash though is offset, most times, by the amount of pain it takes to have it on your phone without air bubbles or peeling edges that will frustrate you to want to fling your device out of a bus.

PET is simpler to apply, but its texture is less appealing than glass or TPU. They also cannot be rocked for screens with curved edges like the Samsung Galaxy phones. It can peel at the borders.

Tempered glass leads as regards scratch resistance and it gives you added impact protection, even if the material can shatter itself if it is hit the right way. They go for higher prices than their plastic rivals.

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3. Wireless Charging

Cases do not roll with wireless charging and except a case clearly states it is compatible, it is a risky thing to do. How thick a case is or the material out of which it is made can disturb the electromagnetic field from getting to the charging coil inside your smartphone.

Several of the 1st party cases from Apple and Google can roll with wireless charging. Even, Google tweaked the designing of its Pixel 3 cases just to make sure they were compatible. The best thing is to search for for a label that tells you it will work and then try it out yourself asap to be certain that the extra layer will not disturb your material.

4. Battery Cases

As smartphones continue to take over the world and applications become more demanding, battery life is key. Battery cases like the Mophie Juice Pack and Apple’s first-party iPhone Battery Case. You will know how amazing a battery case is when you know the number of mAh it has you. Most latest smartphones batteries have about 3,000 mAh, and cases will normally match that.

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5. Specialty Cases

This is where cases are fun to use. Otterbox’s Otter + Pop Symmetry series has a Pop Socket at its back. Moment recently came up with remarkable lenses that attach in front of your device’s camera to give you special effects like wide-angle or macro shots, plus the specialty case lets users get them attached with a screw mount.

6. Wallet Cases

If you are looking at making your mobile device replace almost everything else you carry, a wallet case can come to your rescue and several of them have more class than a school environment. Bellroy, for example, came up with a 3-Card leather wallet case that can be bought in 5 amazing colors. The Ridge is also selling a cool case, even if it holds just 2 cards.

Any wallet you go for, though, you can bank on the certainty that wireless charging will not be supported.


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