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How To Record Calls On Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus?

If you are fortunate enough to own a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, then you must be loving the features it comes with. There are various features that came with ancient models but the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus possesses standout features if its own. One of which is the feature that lets you record phone calls.

It does not matter the model you spend your cash on, you will require the service of a 3rd party application to record phone calls on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is a brilliant Android device. It possesses the most recent Android 9.0 Pie and it comes with the enticing fresh ONE UI theme. The phone is blessed with all you need. It basically is a device for our generation, but still it does not allow call recording, strange.

Getting a 3rd party app installed is how you can achieve call recording on it and there are lots of options to select from. To make things simpler for you, lemme highlight a useful 3rd party application that can aid your recording of calls on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. This quality app will function smoothly on your smartphone and it aids recording of calls on speaker and when you are using a mic.

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How Can I Record Calls On Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus?

Below are the instructions that will aid you to download the application and record phone calls on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

  1. Get the Cube Call Recorder ACR application downloaded and installed on your device.
  2.  Open the app on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.
  3. To continue, accept the terms and condition. Click Agree.
  4. After that, click Allow to grant permission to the application.
  5. If you sight a message telling you that the application might not be capable of recording phonecalls from VOIP applications, simply shun it and click Okay, then proceed.
  6. The application has a dope geotagging option but you can de-activate if you do not want it by clicking “No Thanks.” To use it, click Yes.
  7. After that, click Phone on the next screen.
  8. Then you will have to launch the app once more. When you open the app, ensure you swipe in from the left edge of your display.
  9.  Settings will be revealed, simply click Recording and lastly on the Phone Recording Audio Source.
  10. Then choose microphone from the list shown to you.

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You will now be able to make calls and the application will ensure they are all recorded for your listening pleasure.

Be aware that you cannot make the application appear on top of other apps as you set it up, it has to be granted the permission manually. To make that happen, go to Settings, search for Apps and click on it. A three-dot icon will be visible, click on it, then click Special Access. After that, Search for the Appear on top option and activate it for the call recording application.

Ensure it is awake always too. To bee certain that it is not sleeping in the background, head to Settings, Applications, 3-dots, Special Access, Optimize battery usage. From the menu shown to you, you need to choose “All” and then disable this setting for the recording application.

The app will now be completely free to do as it wants as per recording every of your calls in the background. There is no need to activate the application or open it all the time henceforth. It will now work without you doing anything.

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