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How To Resolve Roku Playback Issues

Roku is a digital media player produced by US company, Roku, Inc. The devices provide access to streaming media content from several online services and it is definitely one of the most influential products in the overall market for devices of its kind.

Your Roku streaming media player has to work error-free if you wish to enjoy any kind of content through it. It is designed to need no routine maintenance or troubleshooting, so life should be really easy for owners. However, at times, most devices end up having issues, including your Roku device.

Some users say they have been told that when their Roku is battling performance problems, especially with glitchy playback of a clip or channels failing to load properly, they can easily clear its cache. However, this is not correct, since the Roku’s cache cannot be cleared.

Not to worry though, it might be impossible to clear its cache, but there are still ways to rectify loading and playback problems with your Roku and we will expatiate on it below. See How To Resolve Roku Playback Issues:

Why Can’t I Clear The Cache On My Roku?

The issue is that the Roku has no cache, therefore there is really no cache to clear. Several sites say that once a user presses a sequence of buttons on the Roku remote control, the cache can be cleared, but that is false.

Roku manufacturers have actually confirmed that pressing those buttons will just reboot the Roku, not clear its cache. Therefore, stop allowing yourself to be deceived and accept that the device does not come with any kind of cache for you to clear.

Resolve Roku Playback Issues
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What Can I Do Instead Of Clearing The Roku Cache?

If you battle a performance problem with your Roku, you might be able to rectify it by just restarting the device. See how to go about that below:

How Can I Restart Roku Using Your Remote Control?

  • From the Home menu, swipe down to “Settings.”
  • Choose the Settings menu by tapping “OK.”
  • Swipe down to choose “System.” Tap OK on your remote to access the menu.
  • Swipe down to “System restart” and tap OK on your remote.
  • Choose “Restart.” and your device will power off, then power on again. The bouncing Roku logo will be visible on the screen while the device is booting up.

After the restart, use your Roku the way you have been using it. If the problem you were battling could be fixed by restarting the device, that will be that. If the issue persists, you might need to reach out to Roku technical support for more help.

That is that.

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