How You Can Add & Watch YouTube To Roku

Do you plan to add and watch YouTube on Roku? Do you wish you had an idea about how you can go about adding any channel to Roku? Or you want to find a solution to its lack of audio? Sit back, relax and read your answers.

Roku is an amazing device that gives Amazon Firestick, Chromecast and other cable alternatives a run for their money in what is fast turning out to be a tight market. It is packaged as a streaming stick and connects through HDMI to your Television set. Its got massive power and can cope with up to 4K streams easily.

For a device not bigger than a USB drive, the brand new Roku streaming sticks are beautiful to experience. Its hardware is decent alongside a power cable, WiFi, remote and Roku OS 8.

Add YouTube To ROKU

If your version of Roku did not arrive with YouTube as part of the installed channel package, it is quite easy to add it yourself. As soon as you add YouTube to Roku, these steps can be repeatedly utilized for any available channel to include those too.

1. Turn your Television on and load into Roku.
2. Click Streaming Channels from the menu on the left.
3. Select Search Channels from the left menu.
4. Search for “You” with the remote to show Youtube TV.
5. Choose the appropriate YouTube TV menu item.
6. Select Add channel from the listed options on the next screen.

That is that. The channel will instantly show as soon as the icon reveals itself in full color.

This exact process can be repeated to include any available channel to your Roku. These channels are unique to different regions but Roku channel guide is your guy to aid you to know what is accessible in your area.

Troubleshoot Channels In Roku

To those that have gone through this process before, adding channels is pretty easy to do in Roku. It loads on time and functions really well, and as far as you have a quality WiFi signal, it will help you to stream your films or series smoothly. However, there are some regular problems with every Roku versions, lemme put you through on how to get them fixed here.

No Audio From Channels

This can be a problem that pops up once in a while when you include new channels and then tunes into them. The display will function fine, but no audio will be heard. Even when other channels work great with their audio, the new channel might not. This can be corrected easily.

At times, the channel defaults are not set the right way. A fast manual change will enable it to work once more.

1. Select Settings and Audio in your Roku menu.
2. Alter the audio setting to the default from your device.
If you are linked through HDMI on one of the latest Roku, you will have to make use of Dolby Digital or Stereo. Once in a while, it will set itself to optical audio which is useful for surround sound systems and not direct Television connection. Alter the settings to the right one and audio should begin to work fine again.

No Video From Channels

The issue is quite common as well when you add new channels to Roku. The settings is also key in making things right again.

1. Click on Settings and Network.
2. Click on About and ensure you can view “Connected” as the status.
3. Click on “Check Connection.” to undergo a network test.

Even when the Roku menu and search is not giving you any trouble, for some reason this makes video start functioning properly. If it does not, reset your Roku and do it once more. Click Settings and select System Restart.

Low-Quality Video On Roku

If HD or 4K is what you stream in, a stable WiFi network is needed to be apt for that signal. A 4K broadcast will need close to 7GB of data every 60 minutes so the signal quality has to be very effective to handle that. If a low-quality video is what you battle with, it might just be your network and nothing else, not your Roku.

Make use of the steps above to check your connection and see if it gets better. If it is still the same, download an application that analyzes WiFi on your mobile device and analyzes your signal strength by the
streaming stick. If other WiFi networks making use of the same channel is seen then that can lead to interference.

Alter your WiFi channel on your router to confirm if it being tapped up by someone around you. If you enjoy a few free WiFi channels, choose a channel, select a channel two away from the nearest channel for that bit of more freedom. The low-quality video problem should now be resolved.

Hard Reset Option

A reset button can be found on the streaming stick. Press that button and hold for about half a minute until the indicator light starts blinking. Remove your hand which will automatically allow Roku to load.

How to watch Youtube on Roku

YouTube videos were difficult to watch on Roku until the advent of Roku 3. Roku 3 owners can now enjoy the YouTube application on their streaming set top box. So, let’s learn how to install YouTube channel right on Roku from their channel store step by step.

Step 1- Connect Roku to your TV and add to your WiFi network. Then login in to your Roku account first.

Step 2- Add YouTube channel. Use the search function and type in YouTube channel. It’s free and has a great number of positive ratings. Just access and click on Add Channel and in just a few minutes YouTube channel will be added to your Roku account. Now, click on the button “Go to channel” or “My channel” on Homepage, and you’ll see the just added “YouTube channel” along with the other channel you must have added in the past.

Stpe 3- Activate your YouTube account. Access the sign in to YouTube account link via Roku and it will pop up an 8-digit code to activate your YouTube account. Just sign in to your account using a laptop or Smartphone and enter the code to link your Roku with your YouTube account.

Stpe 4- Pair Device. You can pair your phone, tablet or laptop with your Roku account. After activating your YouTube account, Roku will give you another code to pair your digital device with it. Access link from your preferred device and enter the code given by Roku. Alternatively, you can scan the code using the QR code reader on your phone.

Step 5- Enjoy. Now you can enjoy watching youtube on Roku.

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