How to schedule messages or automatic replies on WhatsApp to send later

WhatsApp has become relatively, in a short time, one of the fundamental applications on any mobile device. In itself, it is already installed by default in most new mobiles, which is undoubtedly a clear sign of the impressive success that this application has had. That said, this app consists of several rewarding options for users, right now what we will be talking about will be how to schedule messages.

Sending messages and receiving them is the fundamental idea of ​​the app in question, to be able to do it you have to be in front of your mobile device writing the messages and sending them, but what if you could program messages to send themselves? The idea is quite attractive without a doubt.

For those people who work and largely use WhatsApp to promote products, etc. One of the most useful things would undoubtedly be to schedule messages to send themselves every so often or at a certain time. Something that I want to explain to you next, is an application that will help you how to program messages automatically from WhatsApp.

The application is called Scheduler for WhatsApp, it would be something like “draft for WhatsApp“. The app fulfills its function impeccably and honestly, it is used for scheduling messages on WhatsApp, videos, and photos. Nor is it necessary to do a tutorial on it because its operation is considerably simple from the moment you download it.

It has all the options at a glance, from the button located on the right of the screen and it is very intuitive, so I assure you that in a short time you will take his hand quite quickly. Since this is guiding you in a certain way by what your options say.

It is a simple application that not only serves to schedule messages, but also for a large number of situations that we have or out of mere curiosity, which does not hurt to have it installed on the mobile device.


Whether you have to work with WhatsApp, study, send messages to your friends, etc. Be that as it may, it is a fairly simple, light app that barely takes up some space on the mobile that you should have installed yes or yes, in this way you can schedule messages to be sent by WhatsApp and you do not have to be remembering, or pending in every time you had to send a message.

It helps you save a great deal of time and at the same time, you can schedule a large number of messages all at once and then forget to keep doing your things for the rest of the day. That is why I think it is a fairly comfortable app that at least deserves you to try it.

If you do, if you try Scheduler for WhatsApp, leave us a comment below telling more or less what you thought about the application to schedule messages on WhatsApp.

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