How To Show Battery Percentage on iPhone XR

iPhone Xr 1
iPhone Xr 1

In this guide, we will be teaching you how to show battery percentage on iPhone Xr. The iPhone Xr which was released not too long ago with two other iPhones – The iPhone Xs and Xs Max – is said to be a ‘budget’ iPhone, the cheapest out the three new iPhones released by the Cupertino company. The iPhone Xr comes with a notch and the new iOS 12 out of the box which has been designed to better accommodate the notch. Obviously, the notch took up a major part of the iPhone Screen which led to some cuts in What’s supposed to there. One of which is the battery percentage which we will be discussing there.

The battery indicator is still on the iPhone Xr at the right of the top screen, beside the infamous notch. However, you’re only left with a graphical indicator as there isn’t enough space to include the percentage. The graphical indicator gives you a rough estimate of where your battery is at and some people might like it like that but you still can’t tell the exact percentage via the graphical indicator, you’ll need to percentage indicator for that. To get that on your iPhone Xr, Simply follow the outlined steps below.

How To Show Battery Percentage On iPhone Xr

Like I said earlier, the notch on the iPhone Xr meant a lot of things had to be cut in order to accommodate the front-facing camera and the rest. Now, there is no option anywhere in the settings to activate the percentage indicator on the iPhone Xr. If you’ve searched for it in the settings menu, then you know that it isn’t there. Why? Because it wasn’t removed. The percentage indicator is still active on your iPhone Xr but you’ll have to pull down the control center to see it as there isn’t enough space to house it on the top right side of the screen, beside the notch. So how does one see the battery percentage? Simple. Just follow the procedure below.

– Swipe down from the top right side of the screen (beside the notch where the battery graphical indicator is) to access the control center…

– Doing will reveal the battery in percentage next to the graphical indicator.

– After checking the battery percentage, you can now swipe up to dismiss the control center.

That is how to check your iPhone Xr battery percentage. This method also works for the other two iPhones – iPhone Xs and Xs Max just in case you were wondering. Hopefully, in the next update, the icons at the notification bar get smaller or redesigned so as to at least accommodate the battery percentage indicator.


Whenever you would like to show battery percentage on iPhone Xr, Xs or Xs Max, you simply swipe down the control center from the top right side of the screen and swipe back up when you’re done. You don’t even need to swipe all the way down to reveal the battery percentage, you can swipe halfway down, check it quickly and swipe up.


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