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How To Show Battery Percentage on iPhone XS

If you would like show battery percentage on iPhone XS then you’re definitely in the right spot. If you’ve gotten your hands on the iPhone Xs device then you would have noticed that the battery percentage is nowhere to be found in the top left side, beside the notch where it is supposed to be. Going to the settings Menu and turning on the show battery percentage will also not change anything, if you’ve tried it then you already know this. One thing that will most likely be on your mind right now is where the battery percentage went. I’ll explain.

The notch on the iPhone Xs meant that a lot of things had to leave to make way for the front facing camera, sensors and the rest. You’re only left with the graphical indicator of the battery which is hard to tell the exact battery percentage from. For those who still want the battery percentage, all hope isn’t lost yet. This is because the battery percentage wasn’t completely removed and We will be showing you how to show battery percentage on iPhone XS here.

How To Show Battery Percentage on iPhone XS

To see your battery percentage on the iPhone XS is pretty easy if you know how to go about it. All you have to do is to swipe down the control center from the right side of the notch and voila! You’ll see the battery percentage just beside the battery graphical indicator. A quick way to do this is to swipe down but not all the way down without letting go and when you’re done checking the battery percentage, you can quickly swipe up to dismiss the control center. The battery percentage also appears when you’re charging which i guess they did so as to help you know which percentage your phone is at when Charging at a glance.


That’s how to show battery percentage on iPhone Xs. Currently, there is no way to show the battery percentage besides the battery graphical indicator at the right side of the notch. Hopefully, a new update brings it back by probably making the top icons smaller but till then, you’ll have to make do with the method above to check the battery percentage of your iPhone Xs.

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