How to show profile picture instead of video in Zoom Meeting

Zoom is a popular and useful tool for remote meetings and video conferencing. However, not everyone is comfortable sharing a video unless requested. Some would like to show a picture instead of a video in a meeting. How do you do it? We find the answer here where we tell you how to show an image instead of a video in Zoom.

While it’s easy to disable video in Zoom, it’s usually replaced by your name. Now an image is always better than text, even if it’s just your name. So why not keep it? Let’s dive into how to show a picture instead of your name and video in Zoom meetings.

Show image instead of video or name in Zoom meetings

It is not rocket science to show your image in Zoom. You need to set a profile picture in Zoom. As a new user, you haven’t done so on Zoom yet. So, the time is now. After setting a photo, it will automatically appear on the screen to replace the name if the video is off.

Here are the steps in detail for both mobile and PC apps.

Keep image instead of video or name in Zoom on PC

There are two ways to edit or add an image in Zoom on PC.

Method 1- add a picture before joining a meeting

For this, launch the Zoom app and click on the initials of your name in the upper right corner. Select Edit my picture from the menu.

You will be directed to the web version of Zoom. Click Change Image Icon.

Then, click Upload and add an image of your choice. Adjust the image to show the area you want to show. Finally, click Save.

Note- The image must be less than 2MB.

After saving it, open the Zoom desktop app. You will see your image in the upper right corner.

Then, disable your video by clicking Turn off my video when you are about to join a meeting or click Stop video when you are in a meeting. You can also right-click on the video and select Stop Video.

Tip- Use the shortcuts Alt + V (Windows) and Command (⌘) + Shift + V (Mac) to enable or disable video.

Your image will replace the video.

Note– To edit or remove the image, repeat the steps.

Method 2- add a picture in a Zoom meeting

If you are already in a Zoom meeting, right-click the video preview screen. Choose Add or Edit Profile Picture from the menu. Stop the video and you will see your photo.

Show image instead of video in Zoom mobile apps

To do this, launch the Zoom app on your Android or iPhone. Tap the Settings tab at the bottom. Tap your name.

Tip– If you’ve already set an image, tap the image to view it in full size.

Then, tap the profile photo and add an image from your gallery or capture a new one.

Now, disable your video before joining a meeting. Or you can tap the Stop Video option at the bottom of a meeting.

How to delete your profile picture

If you can’t completely remove your profile picture from Zoom mobile apps, you should try its web version. For this, go to Log in with your Zoom account. Click My Account at the top. Then, click Delete under your image.

Profile picture tips and tricks

Here are some useful tips related to images in Zoom.

View someone else’s profile picture

When in a meeting, you can view an attendee’s profile picture by pausing the video. It is only possible if you are the host of a meeting. To do this, right-click on the video preview screen and choose Stop Video. You will need to give them permission to show the video again as they won’t be able to do it on their own.

Hide attendees with profile picture

If a person has video disabled and you only see their profile picture or their name, you can hide those participants from the screen. They will still be part of your video and will be able to see your video if it is turned on.

To hide non-video participants, right-click the window preview of that person in the meeting. Choose Hide non-video participants.

To see them again, click Total non-video attendees at the top. Select Show non-video participants.

Always show your profile picture

If you want to keep your video off all the time so you don’t have to repeatedly disable it when joining a meeting, Zoom offers a nice feature for that. That way, others will only ever see your profile picture.

To do this, click the settings icon in the Zoom app and go to the Video tab. Check the box next to “Turn off my video when attending a meeting”.

An image speaks more than a thousand words

If your internet speed is slow or you just don’t want to show your video, viewing an image is a great alternative instead. However, avoid using questionable images as your profile picture in Zoom or slowing down your connection.

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