How To Unfreeze A Nintendo Switch?

A Nintendo Switch can suddenly ruin your fun and freeze for several reasons. Wondering what could trigger this? No Wi-Fi connection, a download that fails to complete or a software issue, are your major culprits. Why it happened is not even important because bringing it back to life is simple and uncomplicated.

The guidelines below will help you to resolve the problem. However, if none work for you, you might need to reach out to Nintendo. Let’s expatiate on How To Unfreeze A Nintendo Switch?:

1. Restart Your Game

If your game freezes, but the Switch console is still responding, then you can just exit the game by pressing the Home button, and then quickly re-enter your game. Most users have said this successfully fixed the problem.

If you were not so lucky and the issue persists, exit the game one more time and press “X” to close it, then confirm that you wish to close it. Hold on for some time, then press A to start the game again. By so doing, no unsaved data will be lost but the software should start working again.

2. Place The Switch In Its Dock, Or Remove It From The Dock


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If you own an original Nintendo Switch, it is possible to change from handheld mode to Television mode by placing the Switch in its dock, and vice versa. The change will result in an instant pause that can bring your Nintendo Switch back to life.

If you own a Nintendo Switch Lite, this will not help because it cannot be connected to a Television.

3. Force Your Switch To Shut Down


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When you hold on the Switch’s power button for about twelve seconds, you are forcing a shutdown and reset for it. Not to worry though, no saved data would be lost.

When the console powers off, hold on for some seconds, then click the power button once more, and it will reboot and work as it should.

4. Charge The Console

Lastly, a frozen or faulty Switch might happen because of a drained battery. Simply connect the console to a power source as soon as possible and charge it well before you use it.

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