How To Upload Pictures To Instagram From PC


We all love Instagram and most of us have the app installed on our various iOS and Android devices for easy access. PC users have to use the mobile version of Instagram where you can do almost everything. Everything except uploading pictures to Instagram from your PC. So in this article, we will be helping understand how to upload pictures to Instagram from PC.

Unlike the Android and iOS that have an app on their respective stores to access Instagram. There is no dedicated Instagram app for MAC and Windows OS which I’m hoping Instagram would attend to in the nearest future. This has left PC users scrambling for other means to be able to post or upload their pictures and videos on the Instagram platform.

Upload pictures to Instagram from PC

There are probably a lot of ways to upload photos and videos to Instagram. But one of the most popular and easiest ways is by using a software called BlueStacks App Player. The BlueStacks App is the app we will be using in this tutorial.

For those that do not know what the BlueStacks App Player is, I’ll explain. BlueStacks App Player is a software that allows android app run on your PC. Futhermore, it allows all android app run seamlessly through it on your PC. With the BlueStacks App Player, you can download and run almost any android app, including the games.

Now that we know what it does, lets get down to how to download the app, install it and use it to upload pictures to Instagram from PC.

How To Upload Pictures To Instagram From PC

This software is free to Download. You can Download the BlueStacks App for Both Windows OS and MAC OS.

⚫ First, Download the BlueStacks App.

Run it and Go through the tutorial. You can skip it if you want.

⚫ Select Your Preffered Language and Tap the Arrow Button.

Log In with your Google Account. Review and Agree to the terms of service by clicking on OK

Enter Your Name and Check or Uncheck some boxes according to your preference. (You name will be used to personlize some apps)

⚫ Now that you are in the app. Search for the Instagram App using the Search Bar at the top right corner of the software.

⚫ The Official Instagram App from the Google Play Store should pop up. Click on it and Install. The app will ask permission to access your information, Click on Accept.

⚫ After installing, the Instagram App should be in your My Apps Tab. Click on the Instagram App.

⚫ The Instagram App should open like it would on a Smartphone. Click, on the + Button at the center bottom.

⚫ Choose a Photo Or Video, Add a Caption, Add a location and Post.

That is how to upload pictures or videos to your Instagram from your PC.


Having the BlueStacks App on your PC will definitely come in handy not only just for uploading photos to your Instagram account. You can also play android games on your PC using the App. Although, it will take some time to get used to the controls.

Anyway, there are other methods one can use to upload pictures and video to Instagram from PC apart from using the BlueStacks app. But this to me is by far the easiest.


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