How to use multiple WhatsApp numbers on the same Device

It is possible to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device if you have the Whats Web for WhatsApp app installed on your Android device. When you use Whats Web for WhatsApp, in addition to saving your status, you can send and receive messages and multimedia files directly to anyone without having to save your mobile number.

Like you open WhatsApp Web, Whats Web for WhatsApp enables you to easily open two WhatsApp accounts on the same device or one account across multiple devices easily and expediently. This is the same process used by the applications discussed in this article; the first association is made by scanning a QR code.

How do these apps work?

The process is very easy to understand. In practice, you can have optimized WhatsApp management directly on your smartphone by scanning the QR Code to manage WhatsApp from the official web version of WhatsApp (from from one of the apps you find at the bottom of the page. This will allow you to avoid duplicating the apps or performing unusual procedures to use two different accounts.

The trick is quite simple in practice; for each WhatsApp account, you may have connected an account on WhatsApp Web. Using the Beta version, you can have up to four accounts on WhatsApp Web. Using these applications, you can use a WhatsApp number on different smartphones, ranging from 1 to 4.

You just need to launch these apps, click on the icon representing your WhatsApp Web connection, then go to the mobile device on which you have WhatsApp installed and scan the QR code, just as you would if you were using WhatsApp Web on your personal computer. Using these apps is very easy.

You will shortly be connected with a second number using the same device in just a few moments.

Best Android Apps to take advantage of WhatsApp Web

These are the three best applications that are currently available for Android that allow you to take advantage of WhatsApp Web to connect to another WhatsApp by scanning the QR Code. If you want to take advantage of and use multiple phone numbers of WhatsApp on the same smartphone without too much fuss, here are the three best applications you can use.

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