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How To Use Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera’s Dual Capture Mode

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 camera’s dual capture mode is the first ever on any of the Samsung devices. Other devices are also packing this feature and on some other devices, it has a different name. On the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus it is called “Portrait Mode” and is somewhat the same as the dual capture mode on the Samsung Note 8.

This feature allows you to take two pictures at the same time – one being a picture of the whole scene and second being an object or something else you want to focus on in the scene. It now adds the two pictures together and blurs out just the scene/background giving the Bokeh effect.

What is the Bokeh effect?

Bokeh, also known as “Boke” is one of the most talked about Feature when it comes to photography. As it said to make pictures with the bokeh effect look even more appealing than the Normal ones. It lets you focus your attention on an important area of the picture while still getting a glimpse of the whole scenery.

The word bokeh was gotten from the Japanese language which literally means “Blur”. You might have seen this effects in movies. Where the person standing close to the camera gets a lot brighter and clearer while the person farther in the video/pictures gets blurred. And sometimes vice versa.

This feature can be found on both single-camera phones as well as dual-camera and tri-camera phones. Although, it is more common with the last two. This is because it has to do with the lens in a camera and not how many cameras there are. It has taken many names since the integration into the smartphone camera with a few tweaks. From the portrait mode on the iPhone to dual capture mode on Samsung.

Now that we’ve fully understood what the Samsung dual capture mode is all about, we can now try to activate this feature on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

How To Use Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera’s Dual Capture Mode

Using the dual capture mode is pretty easy to use, that is if you know how to go about it.

Open The Camera App and Tap on Live Focus just above the capture button. You will be presented with a Slider to control how blurry you want the background to be. You can drag the slider all the way to the right for more blurry effect or to the left for a less blurry effect.

● Tap the Dual Capture Mode at the top of the screen. (The square box with another square box at the back.)

● Tapping the dual capture mode icon will automatically turn the icon Yellow indicating that every picture you now take will be saved as a double image.

After taking a picture in the dual capture mode, it doesn’t show the double image as separate images on your gallery. it adds a toggle below the photo or photos taken in the dual Capture mode in your gallery. This allows you to switch between the live focus mode and the normal picture with just a tap.

That is how you use the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 camera’s Dual Capture mode.


The Bokeh effect is a very nice feature every phone’s camera should have. Thankfully, this feature that used to be for the high-end phone users is now available for some of the mid-range phones. Its only a matter of time before it gets to the low-end phones.

Having a problem with the dual Capture mode on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8? Drop a comment down stating the problem you’re facing.

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