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How You Can Add A Song To Your Video With Apple Clips

When it comes to expressing yourself via videos, there are few better ways than seeking the help of a video editor that will charge a little amount of money. It is cool if people know how to do this with their Apple device.

Snapchat, Instagram stories and Facebook Live are instant proof that videos actually make the world go round.

And to be frank, are we shocked? No. The saying goes, an image is worth a thousand words, don’t let us get into the discussion of a video’s worth, because it has to be massive.

The latest video app, Apple Clips, allows you include music in your videos, which makes those videos unique.

And as it is evident these days, making videos is a cool thing to do and this has made it a worldwide habit for lots of youths, adults and even kids.

Coming up with your personal video with the Apple Clips app is possible. It is so amazing for image and video editing purposes.

Apart from Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook video apps, Apple Clips is one to consider as well.

Lets dive into what it is all about:

Add A Song To Your Video:

Do you want to make your Apple Clips video more interesting? Or you intend to make it have a particular kind of feel to it? Make those thoughts a reality because Apple Clips can add music to your video. It is even allowed for you to come up with your own mini music video so you channel your inner Taylor Swift as a lady or bring out your inner Kizz Daniel as a guy.

You have to select the songs that are available on the Apple Clips app or choose music from your iTunes collection.

To Add Music To Your Video:

  1. Click on the music note from the recording screen of the app. It will be seen in the upper right-hand corner of Apple Clips. On the Music screen, you can choose from 3 options, None, Soundtracks, and My Music.
  2. Clicking on Soundtracks displays the list of tracks that the app can give to you. If you fancy the pre-installed ones then click on the cloud with the arrow facing down to have it downloaded on your mobile device.
  3. When the tune is done downloading, you will see it checked off with a blue check mark to signify that its download is complete.
  4. Head back to the recording screen in Apple Clips. When you are there, record your video like you would normally do it. When that is done, press Play to check your video with the song you picked, plus it gets included in your recording with no more work required from you. When you are happy with your clip, click Done and save the video.

Do you prefer adding songs from your iTunes collection? That can be done too. Just ensure the track has been downloaded on your mobile device. Else, it will not appear in your iTunes choices.

  1. Click the music note from the recording screen of Apple Clips, it can be seen in the upper right-hand corner of Apple Clips. Like in the first step.
  2. After that, click on My Music. Then select your music by artist, album, songs, playlists e.t.c.
  3. Choose the jam you’d love to make use of.
  4. Do not forget, if you need your music choice to be heard in your video clip, then have the microphone disabled on the record screen. Or, if you prefer the song to be the background tune, leave the mic on to have you and things around you recorded.
  5. Go back to the recording screen in Apple Clips and record your video clip as you normally would, just like in the first step. As soon as that is done, press Play, review the video, and you’ll find out that the music you chose has been included in your recording.

Cool right? TechVaz agrees.

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