How You Can Rematch In The Bumble Dating App

Did you mistakenly swipe left when you intended to swipe right? Its a rampant error with dating applications in need of quick decisions that we often take without paying the required attention. Do not worry though; you can undo the mistake if you really want to. Here is how.

Bumble is a unique dating application. You are allowed to have profiles, share pictures, connect to social media, and also swipe in any direction. What makes it stand out is that the ladies run the show here. Only girls can initiate contact with Bumble. It is a little, but vital difference and a move I feel can be a game changer even if the person writing this is a guy.

The reason for this is to spice up the online dating world and stay clear of several troubles that come with dating websites. We all must’ve encountered them. You and I know some guys can be absolutely desperate, clueless and annoying. I’m talking about the ones that cannot accept “No” as a lady’s answer, those that snap nude pictures of themselves and think it will attract the ladies or the types that engage in belittling the opposite s3x all in the name of having a conversation, these kind of men are everywhere on dating sites and apps, but Bumble has done its bit to come up with a solution.

From a girl’s point of view, being in sole control is an experience they crave for. As a man, the ladies being the powerful ones is not that bad also. More girls will most likely use a dating app they are comfortable with plus you will see more of them in a platform that discourages the kind of guys I talked about earlier. This boosts more quality audience. Everyone gets to have what they want both the guys and the women.

Rematching In Bumble

We all know this drill. Making use of a dating app and viewing new profiles. Joyously swiping in any direction according to the views we fancy, then shockingly, we get distracted, the smartphone powers off, somebody utters a sentence to take our mind off things completely and instantly, what appeared like the amazing match immediately slid to the left. However, Bumble has an answer to this problem.

Even though it is unique, Bumble uses an identical system to Tinder. Your profile card has to be created; it has to contain exciting stuff about yourself, including some decent pictures. Being alike must be because Bumble was developed by Whitney Wolfe, Tinder’s co-founder. The same Whitney that settled with Tinder in a s3xual harassment case. Keeping that in mind plus Tinder’s worldwide fame, few identical features had to be expected.

Bumble does some things the same way but other things uniquely. These unique features correct some of the negative features of Tinder, while the same ones present the same problems. Mistakenly swiping when you intended to go right is one of them.

When you make use of Bumble, you swipe left to skip the profile and swipe right to like them. Many users have mistakenly swiped in the wrong direction in the past. In Tinder, if you do not own a premium account, then that is it for good. An unintentional error and it is an opportunity missed for that specific match unless you intend to spend real money on the application. However, Bumble is different.


If you mistakenly swipe left on a profile card and you are aware of it immediately, you can undo that move by shaking your smartphone like a maraca. This is a brilliant move that took many deep thinking. 3 Backtracks are available to you all the time, and as soon as you make use of one, it is replaced after 180 minutes. If you make your presence felt on Bumble’s social media, then Backtracks gets replaced quicker.

Bumble Boost

This is a different way to rematch. It is Bumble’s premium service that presently goes for $7.99, i.e., N2,888 every month. Backtracks do not cost any user a dime, but Bumble Boost lets you rematch in Bumble in another way.

As you sight a match in Bumble, you have 1 day to conversate before the application concludes that it is not meant to be and give the match an expiry date. Using Bumble Boost has its advantage. If you have Bumble Boost, you can make use of it for rematching an expired connection. You can also increase the 1-day time limit to 2 days to make things simpler for yourself.

If you mistakenly swipe left, make use of Backtracks if you tried to begin a conversation but did not remember or did not have the chance to, use Bumble Boost.

Amazing thoughts went into these features. The Backtrack function allows you to make right a wrong while Bumble Boost extends your time to start conversing and at a more comfortable time. Even if you might feel the need to pay up, you are not obligated to. Add that to the neat, beautiful dating environment, and it is definitely a lovely dating experience awaiting you.

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