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How You Can Use Multi Window On Samsung Galaxy A7

If you are a Samsung Galaxy A7 user, knowledge on how you can make use of Multi Window Mode on your Galaxy A7 is very vital. Multitaskers cherish the Multi Window Mode as it makes their job easier by letting them run 2 applications simultaneously. To enable the Split Screen View and Multi Window Mode on the Samsung A7, you will need to visit the Settings menu.

Here is a guide on how you can activate Split Screen View and Multi Window Mode and begin to use both settings in your Samsung device.


Turn On Multi Window mode on Galaxy A7

You will need to enable Multi Window Mode in the Settings menu to utilize the feature. See the steps to take:

  1. Turn on your Galaxy A7
  2. Head to Settings
  3. Click on Multi Window just below Device.
  4. In the top right corner of the screen, toggle Multi Window on.
  5. Choose if you fancy the Multi Window Mode by default by ticking the box to Open in Multi-Window View.
  6. As soon as you’ve turned on Multi Window Mode on the Galaxy A7, ensure a grey semicircle or half circle is visible on the screen. These circles are signs that you are set to start making use of the Multi Window Mode.

To begin to enjoy this feature, Click on the semicircle to take Multi Window to the top. When you are through with that, transfer the icons by dragging them from the menu to the window you desire to use with it. The great benefit your Samsung Galaxy A7 will give you here is that it aids the resizing of the window when you press and hold the circle seen in the middle of the screen and then having it placed in the new location you transfer it to.

Whenever you round up multitasking, Window Mode can be disabled by adhering to the steps above, only that this time, you toggle Multi Window off.


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