‘iOS 13 gets dark mode, brand new homescreen on the iPad’

It seems this year will be great for iPad users. Finally, the iOS 13 Dark Mode would be one of the major graphical improvements that the update introduces. The iPad also gets a completely new homescreen.

‘The iOS 13 Dark Mode is coming’

The rumor comes from Bloomberg, a website with a very reliable reputation when it comes to Apple rumors. Based on sources (who want to remain anonymous) the rumor says that Apple is finally adding a Dark Mode to the iPhone and iPad this autumn.

The dark mode would work ‘system-wide’ so that all menus and apps from Apple are put in a dark jacket. This will probably work the same as on Mac with MacOS Mojave, where you switch a switch to switch all your apps from dark to light.

Many popular iOS apps have already added a dark mode, so if Apple with iOS 13 has the option built into the system, it’s a lot nicer for your eyes to watch your iPhone screen in the dark.

New homescreen, CarPlay improvements and more

In addition to the dark mode, Apple would also work on CarPlay enhancements and give the homescreen of the iPad a makeover. The latter is remarkable because the home screen of iOS is one of the few things that Apple has never made major changes to.

Actually, the company wanted to implement this change with iOS 12 but then chose to focus more on improving stability and performance. How this new home screen will look on the iPad is not yet clear. However, iOS 13 would get a special tab interface and better options to manage your files.

Finally, iOS 13 would install new Apple services as standard, including a magazine service where you can subscribe and Apple’s Netflix competitor. Not surprising, as many rumors point out that the company is expanding its range of services this year.

iOS 13 is traditionally unveiled at WWDC, Apple’s annual developer conference taking place in June. Until then, we will keep you informed and you can contact our long list of iOS 13 expectations.

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