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iPhone 14’s Emergency Function: Life-Saver for Leg Injury Rescues

The SOS Emergency function has been useful in the situations that Apple took into account for its development!

Apple touted the benefits of the feature SOS emergency with a video showing hikers trapped on a mountain after one of them injured his leg. Precisely, a similar scene was experienced by a woman in Los Angeles, and as in the video, she was rescued thanks to this function available on the iPhone 14.

Even without knowing that they have these features on their devices, more and more people have benefited from them, in life-and-death situations.

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SOS emergencies are more and more accurate

According to the information shared in 9to5mac, Juana Reyes was walking with friends in a remote part of Trail Canyon Falls in the Los Angeles National Forest when a rock dislodged and fell on his leg, causing a fracture. Reyes said:

We tried to reach 911 but there was no service on our phones. “Luckily my phone has that SOS satellite feature that it was able to connect to… I don’t know exactly how it works, satellites I guess.

The ability of the iPhone to communicate with emergency services surprised Reyes herself, who did not know it existed, and also the members of the rescue team, some of whom shared the experience via Twitter:

RESCUE! Her iPhone 14 notified us via the satellite 911 feature. Ankle injury in Trail Cyn, wasn’t able to hike out. LACO Fire did a hoist. @LASDHQ @LACoSheriffLuna @MontroseSAR @CVLASD @CbsLos @NBCLA @KTLAnewsdesk @ABC7 @FOXLA @LACoFireAirOps @LACOFD pic.twitter.com/WlfXiYgp4C

— Mike Leum (@Resqman) June 24, 2023

The calls of Emergency SOS via satellite allow iPhone 14 users to send a message to emergency services when there is no coverage or Wi-Fi connection. The feature is limited exclusively to SOS emergency calls and is available on all iPhone 14 models running iOS 16.1.

Apple launched the Emergency SOS feature during the introduction of the iPhone 14 in September 2023. The service debuted in the United States and Canada in November last year. A month later, it was launched in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Ireland.

Along with this expansion, Apple has been working to offer an increasingly accurate tool that both users and authorities, and rescue teams can trust.

So far this year, in Los Angeles where they rescued this lucky owner of the iPhone 14, three more people had already been treated thanks to the SOS Emergency function.

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