Iron Blade – Medieval Legends – Just an Average Action Game with Poor Targeting System

The game revolves around a medieval, alternate-reality, fantasy Europe environment. This setting has castles and gargoyles. As you may know, real gargoyles are made with stone to just decorate historic monuments, but that is not the idea of the gargoyles in the game. You pit against them here. In Iron Blade, you have Damien, who is a professional monster Slayer and totem destroyer. He builds up a team who are fellow monsters and their mission is to prevent their world from entering more into eternal darkness.

There is a linear campaign mode made up of 11 parts, with each having a Commander. The Commanders don’t look the same but are still related to each other making the different parts link together into a complete narrative. The commander has names such as Esquin the Betrayer, Samael the Usurper, Geoffrey the Tainted, etc. The game is played with a basis on energy which the player uses to survive. The energy is replenished gradually over time. The player gets more and better weapons and equipment as he plays more and more, he also gets increased energy for more agility. The game has a multiplayer mode, which has players creating their own fortress. Although there is no way to lay bricks, the player can instruct a certain number of “guards” to guard his fortress.

Iron Blade Medieval Legends 2
Iron Blade Medieval Legends

You play and fight a lot of soldiers in different arena in Iron Blade. You kill them by hacking and slashing, and after that, you’re onto another battle. How do you attack? Swing your sword by tapping the right side of your device’s screen or make a swipe towards an enemy so that target is changed and you can attack them if they are far from where you are. Enemies will try to defend themselves by attacking too, but you can launch a counter-attack by a swift tap of the left side of your screen when the incoming attack icon shows.

Iron Blade Medieval Legends 4
Iron Blade Medieval Legends

The game makes available to you special attacks, which switches as you utilize them. With these special attacks at your disposal, you can defeat a large array of enemies easily. Where the problem comes is the targeting system. The targeting system is one you have no control over due to your inability to control the camera. The only thing you can do is to change the target which is possible by swiping in their direction. This is a good solution, but another problem arises when an enemy you wish to attack is standing behind another of your enemies. You can’t launch your projected attack except they move closer to you.

Iron Blade Medieval Legends 3
Iron Blade Medieval Legends

Targeting poorly can make you lose some scores thereby making you have a lower ending score. You won’t be able to reach the three-star rank if you are always swapping enemies. The leveling system too doesn’t help matters, because you are left with weak equipment most of the time, making attack difficult to execute on time. All that you take into the battle amounts to some experience points for the equipments, but you will slowly level up this way. Instead, you could do this by collecting chests or redoing missions.

Iron Blade Medieval Legends 1
Iron Blade Medieval Legends

With an armory of several weapons and interesting nomenclature, the game is just okay. The game can be heavy on battery and processor and as we said up there, it lacks a good targeting system. It is an average game and if you want some action and fun, then you can go for it.


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