It looks like Xiaomi is getting ready to go into the US market instead.

It is still not confirmed, but rumors are saying that China’s Xiaomi is preparing to officially enter the North American mobile market. The manufacturer would be talking to carriers in the United States to start selling their smartphones there, with the Mi7 being the first to arrive.

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Currently, the brand that dominates this market in the country is Apple, which can see its leadership threatened if Xiaomi actually materialize these plans. After all, China is known for producing handsets with equivalent specifications, attractive design and affordable price. In second place in terms of popularity, appears Samsung, followed by LG, ZTE and Motorola.

However, it may not be that easy. Apple is said to have a fairly friendly relationship, so to speak, with US carriers, which offer iPhones to their consumers for more pricing because of agreements with Apple.

Still, according to Wang Xiang, a Xiaomi executive, the company is targeting the US market, in order to make it happen within two years. Anyway, Xiaomi’s official arrival in the United States can not only shake up the local market, but also the international one. After all, everything is certain, it is to be expected that the manufacturer will expand its operations to other regions of the globe, which could include Brazil at some point.

Source: wccftech

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