Mozilla presents two new icon designs for Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers and its icon is one of the most easily recognizable by users. Mozilla believes that the time has come to do a great face-lift on the aesthetics of its acclaimed apps for browsing, and that includes the iconic icon.

Mozilla works on new icons for Firefox and all its components

After reviewing its own brand in January of last year, Mozilla is looking to make significant changes to the Firefox brand, with new logos for all its components. Once again, the organization wants users to help choose and refine the final design, for this, the team has presented two different designs.

The two designs consist of four main components. First and at the top, we see the icon “master brand“, which will encompass everything in Firefox. The first row presents the well-known browser icons for Firefox Quantum and its variants, Developer Edition and Nightly. The following presents more icons for the niche browser, such as Firefox Focus and Firefox Reality. Finally, there are icons for new applications and services that could be launched under the Firefox brand.

Mozilla is asking those who make comments to focus on some specific questions, if the icons feel like Firefox and if each system is cohesive. The publication of the blog warns that this is not a voting contest and that the answer will not be chosen simply based on the majority of the comments. It is also observed that the icons in both groups are not definitive and could change drastically before they are made public. It seems that the team for now just wants to get an orientation on the style to follow.

The publication of the blog affirms that it will refine the final design in the coming months so that we could still take a long time to see the new look put on stage.

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