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Naim Uniti Atom – Music Streamer You Can Trust

Have you found the secret to pristine audio quality yet? What you need may just be what the Naim Uniti Atom music streamer provides. The gadget has the correct features when it comes to sound, design, packaging, specs, and accessories. We will take a deep look at those below.

What is Naim Uniti Atom Music Streamer?

This is a compact high-end all-in-one streaming device. As you can already see, this gadget was manufactured by Naim. This time, the Naim app has been improved to give users effortless control capability. It is now possible for users to access all their music, all their radio stations, including playlists in one place. The new Naim makes it possible to update the system wirelessly with a single tap.

It is a 40-Watt integrated amplifier that offers high-resolution music streaming capabilities. It comes with a 5-inch LCD glass display, bi-directional intelligent remote control, combines seamless digital technology with analogue. The volume control comes with an ultra-smooth rotation that works perfectly with the Naim app for iOS and Android devices. It looks good in the brushed black aluminium casing.

Naim Uniti Atom Design

Uniti Music Streamer
Uniti Music Streamer

It looks like a box, but it does look like a beautiful box. Users say it is one of the best pieces of equipment they ever had. It comes with oversized volume control but it doesn’t distract from the beauty of the box. There are thick steel vents on the sides, and a full-colour screen – the display to the front. It is of course heavy. This is the type of equipment that you would love to display, not hide in your home or office. We truly believe the Uniti Atom was designed by true heroes.

Naim Uniti Atom Sound Output

Since this is a music streamer or server, you expect it to offer excellent sound performance. The Naim product has an amp inside, and a set of speakers. The speakers offer clarity and detail that almost every user loves. For sound, Naim Uniti Atom bursts with energy at the mids and the highs.

So, we add this to the clarity and detail for sound. You’d be surprised that just about all aspects of sound in the Naim product feels good. Everything feels good from the quiet sound level to the loudest. The Uniti Atom is the best when it gives the user a good bass sound.

Naim Uniti Atom Wired, Wireless Performance

The gadget is a wireless streaming music system, and it has been the belief of many that the performance of wired music streamers transcends that of wireless audio streamers. But the Uniti Atom surprises users with a stellar performance just like the most powerful streamers working through the analogue input. It competes favourably against the most powerful audio streamers like Peachtree Audio nova300. This one has a high reputation in the field of audio sound.

Music Streamer
Music Streamer

Price of Naim Uniti Atom Music Streamer

It costs $3,290 at Amazon. That’s expensive if you don’t know much about the Naim Uniti Atom. For what it offers, that’s a reasonable price. However, note that the price could up or down from time to time. The price here doesn’t include shipping costs.

What’s Good, What’s Bad

With the purchase of the Uniti Atom, you get quality sound. The design is beautiful as well, so feel proud to display it in your home or office for visitors to admire. It is also easy to set up. Just pay attention to the details.

On the negative side, the bass feels not powerful enough, though it doesn’t pull the sound quality down. The remote shows the fingerprints on the surface in a way some users don’t like. It is costly. Buy it only if you know it’s worth it.

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