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New renders show a possible curved iPhone

Earlier this week, a rumor released by Bloomberg said that Apple is considering future iPhone models with gestures and curved screens. Now designer Martin Hajek of iDrop News has shown us his opinion on what an iPhone looks like with some renders.

The Bloomberg rumor has explained that Apple has two projects that investigate both air gestures and a curved design. The gestures would apparently allow users to simply hover over the screen to control the device.

Meanwhile, the glass of iPhones is already slightly curved at the edges, but Bloomberg’s rumor has taken things to the next level by describing an iPhone in which the middle of the screen is lower than the top and bottom edges.

Apple is also developing iPhone displays that curve inwardly from top to bottom. That’s different than the latest Samsung smartphone screens, which curve down to the edges.

The Bloomberg report warned that both efforts are still in their early stages and can be dismissed, noting that the technology “will not be ready for consumers for at least the next two years, if Apple chooses to move on.”

That did not stop Hajek from imagining what an iPhone with a curved body would look like. These renders are certainly interesting as they seem to imagine an iPhone similar to the Nokia 8110, which became famous in the movie “The Matrix.”

The use of this type of design is unclear, although iDrop News notes that the device is narrower than the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. The so-called “keyboard screen” is hidden when the device is fully compressed. Ben Lovejoy speculated how curved screens could lead to a foldable iPhone, which certainly seems more practical.

These renders should be treated more for fun than anything else. It’s almost impossible to know what a curved iPhone would be designed by Jony Ive, and although the similarities of these renders with the iPhone X are many, I find it hard to imagine they would be like this.

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