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Nothing from Meizu M6S – leak suggests that model will be released as mBlu S

Meizu is working on a Meizu 15 Plus flagship, which will arrive in 2024 to be part of the company’s 15-year anniversary celebration. In addition, its subdivision, Blue Charm, is undergoing some changes, having its name changed to “mBlu” and receiving a new logo.

To get off to a good start on a new brand, mBlu is also working on a smartphone with an end-to-end screen.

Although we have reported some rumors about a model called Meizu M6S, which supposedly would have an 18 – 9 display, a recent leak brings an image, revealing the packaging of a device called mBlu S, with a label stating the price of ¥ 2500 or $ 1,254 in direct conversion, disregarding taxes.

According to the text of the image, Blue Charm S will be released next month. The price described in the picture seems to indicate that the person who is with the device is proposing to sell it, according to GizmoChina.

However, there is also a mention of the price of ¥ 2000 ($ 1,005) which may be the value at the official launch.

It has not yet been confirmed whether the mBlu S is the same device that the previous reports described as Meizu M6S or a different device, but the supposed release date of both matches well enough to assume that it is the same model.

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