ZTE Nubia Z17 Lite Review, an affordable smartphone with premium specs

Nubia, that great sub-brand of ZTE that has shown us a lot of smartphones. Here we have talked about some of them, as well as the Nubia Z17 or the Nubia Z17S, but today we come to discuss one of the latest devices launched by that sub-brand, which is the Nubia Z17 Lite. We had already told you a little about the specifications it has, but now we are going to talk about everything that this phone offers, bit by bit.

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The best of all this is that, in addition to showing you a great device, it is available with an offer on the GeekBuying website, and we’ll talk about that later.

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Nubia Z17 Lite – packaging

The way we are going to get this device inside its packaging is not very out of the ordinary. The box in which it comes gives us an air of elegance, as it combines the colors black and red. At the top, we can see the Nubia logo inside a classic red circle, while on the back you can find the specifications of the device. Inside, we can find the Nubia Z17 Lite, its respective charger and a short type C to 3.5mm converter cable. As we can see, there are no earphones present.


Nubia Z17 Lite – design

The Nubia Z17 Lite features a metal body with unique antenna design, which gives the device an elegant design. The back of this phone shows a better proportion of metal, although if you notice, you can see a segment of the antenna located at the bottom of the phone. Looking up a bit, we can see that there is a circular area, which is made for the identification of fingerprints, with a golden/silver protective ring and the Nubia logo below it.


Also, there is also a dual camera of 13 megapixels each, located in the upper left of the device, with a protective sapphire lens, right next to their respective flash. About the rear camera, this has an impressive 16 megapixels, perfect for lovers of selfies.

The keys to adjust the volume and lock are located on the right side of the device, while the SIM card tray is located on the left side. At the top of this is a noise cancellation microphone, and at the bottom is a speaker and microphone. At the bottom, the middle is a type C port that also supports audio output.

In addition to the design of the antenna, the black color with which this device has always been of great pleasure, as well as elegant and simple. Also, its 168 grams of weight will not put any load on your hand, so it is very convenient to carry about.

Nubia Z17 Lite – screen

This smartphone has a 5.5-inch IPS screen with a Full HD resolution, a screen pixel density of 403PPI and a maximum brightness of 450nit. As you can see, this screen does not have any framework, besides that it has the protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 2.5D.

Nubia Z17 Lite pantalla 1

In the lower part of the screen is a small red circle, being something that characterizes Nubia. On the left and right side of this, there are two hidden virtual control buttons.

In addition to this, with the screen in rest mode, we can see that it is completely black and that the only thing we can see is the red circle and its respective front camera.

Nubia Z17 Lite – performance

In the user interface, the Nubia Z17 Lite is equipped with the latest UI 5.0 operating system from Nubia, which is an innovation that joined the learning engine NeoSmart , which learns your habits individually, based on the scenarios of use to provide intelligent solutions, with more powerful and careful tools, in addition to having a delicate theme, a charming color, elegant animation effects, and other aspects of intelligent beauty.

Nubia z17 lite analisis 8

At the moment of starting to use the device, the fresh interface makes it shine, since in comparison with the previous one this has been remarkably improved. The negative screen has disappeared and has the excellent software. By sliding our finger from the right edge of the screen device inwards, we can see the settings of the card, in addition to the reminders, and recent documents.

Great features with just slide

When you scroll from top to bottom, the search tool will appear, which is displayed from the top; it no longer serves as a direct access switch and only has the notification bar.

Nubia Z17 Lite notificaciones

Sliding the finger from the bottom to the top, we will get with the part of the screen that serves as a definitive direct access, what we know as the software of common use, where we will see features such as the flashlight, the calculator, the super screenshot, and the normal capture. In the lower part of this are the normal specifications, such as the connection to WifiBluetoothmobile data and others.

To eliminate a bit of that monotony of colors, in this part we will be able to see a touch of blue, which will appear when you press any of these specifications.

A special feature offered by the Nubia Z17 Lite is the split screen mode, which supports a custom size and of course, a dual-use screen. Super screenshots can capture this type of mode, since they are long screen captures, in addition to recording, to meet individual needs.

The default app, being the most popular mobile phone feature, is now not limited to QQ and WeChat, but also extended to WeiboAlipayDoubanTaobaoThe King of Glory and main applications and alternative games, so which is a mobile phone to meet all the needs you have.

Great and updated user interface

The new version of the user interface provides realistic functions for desktop icons. Apps for downloadingplaying music and desktop icons work rhythmically. The mobile desktop not only has a bit of fantasy, but it gives a clearer view of the status of your application to the user, whether the application is installed or a file is transferred, a reminder window will appear.

Nubia z17 lite analisis 15 1

By gently pressing the icon of the desktop application, a pop-up window appears, from which you can directly preview the details of the application, or for quick control, the exchange of information is more comfortable and more convenient. However, some applications are not so used to doing this kind of view.

Also, this new version of the user interface has different screen qualities, being able to add personalized fingerprints as you like, the status of interest screen, take the fingerprint just by swiping your finger, or call the two-dimensional code directly. WeChat or Alipay to pay for purchase without having to open the phone. Also, there are options for encrypting certain applications.

In case you have problems sending some file, the NFC is a great blessing. When you are watching a video, and you want to show it to another person, but this one is very long, the system will automatically cut the video and compress it into a small video in line with the WeChat standard to send, and thus you will not have any problem. The Nubia Z17 Lite comes equipped with Nubia UI 5.0, which can be represented as intelligent and straightforward personality, and compared to the previous user interface has more changes; There are several features that can be seen right at the time of using the device.

Nubia z17 lite analisis 7

We can say that the new version of this phone is more convenient and more than excellent.

These are your technical specifications

The Nubia Z17 Lite is equipped with 6GB of LPDDR3 RAM and 64GB of internal eMMC 5.1 storage, LPDDR4X, and UFS2.1 technology. It has the Qualcomm 653 eight-core processor – four Cortex-A73 cores at 2GHz and four Cortex-A53 cores at 1.4GHz. In the GPU we got with an  Adreno 510.

Through the use of Geekbench, some tests were performed, obtaining a single core score of 1477 and a multi-core score of 4060. In Antutu, the phone earned a score of 93728 points, which is quite satisfactory. With this device, playing very heavy games is not an inconvenience, since its performance is not bad, frames are rarely lost.

Nubia Z17 Lite – camera

As we mentioned before, in the category of the camera, the Nubia Z17 Lite is equipped with a dual camera of 13 megapixels each, with IMX258 color + IMX258 black and white sensors, in addition to a front camera of 16 megapixels. Are you wondering how these cameras work? Well, see the results. The main thing is to see the performance details of the back camera of the device, about which we have to say that it comes with a pixel size that is a bit small because after all, a pixel with a high level can provide more details.

In the first image, we can see an airplane taking off in a distant place with weak interior light and cloudy weather, and in the second it is a photograph of a signal tower at a high height and in good light conditions. In both photos, the Nubian device captures the moments in a significant way, and although the pixel is somewhat low, it is good enough to satisfy our needs.

By taking an image to the sky while there is an object in between, we can see that it gets most of the darkness, while the sky seems to have high levels of exposure.

As you can see in these two photos, the camera is more sensitive to color, and the saturation and brightness give us satisfactory results.

This is an image taken with the portrait mode after the traditional performance of the camera.

While this was taken with the portrait mode after a non-normal operation.

The previous images were captured in the contrast mode after opening the portrait mode, and we can see through the image that, when activating the portrait mode, the blurring in the background is obvious. The effect is very good; the edge processing is also in place. When the objects are in the same plane of the objective, they are focused, whereas when the environment is more complicated, the camera can work a bit forced.

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Nubia Z17 Lite – battery

With regard to the battery life, people who use mobile phones daily use up to 3 entertainment elements, each for about 2 hours, where the games consume much of the power of the device, and which cause it to overheat on the phone (after 2 hours of continuous play, it is understandable).

We tested the Nubia Z17 Lite battery with those same elements, and at the end of the test, the phone had a remaining power of 28%. As a positive detail, this phone supports fast charging 3.0, while it has a battery with a capacity of 3200mAh.

At the time of shutting down the phone, in 1 hour it was possible to load up to 64%, while in 2 hours it could reach up to 100%. Thanks to the new technologies it has, you will be able to have the opportunity to use the device for long, which is always good.

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Nubia Z17 Lite – conclusion

The Nubia Z17 Lite has a high-quality camera, although compared to the latest Nubia Z17, it lacks just a little more. However, the 6GB + 64GB memory combination is enough for this device to work without problems when testing several games on a large scale, in addition to having an integrated metal body, which provides an excellent feeling. Its dual-band Wi-Fi also allows you to have a faster Internet experience to search for anything you want. In general, this is a smartphone that can fill all the needs you have.

Where can you buy this device?

If you are interested in buying the Nubia Z17 Lite, then you can easily purchase it by going to the GeekBuying page, where it is available at a discount price of $ 287.89 by using this valid coupon code VFIIAEWM. Acquire your device before this great offer runs out.

Coupon code – VFIIAEWM

Buy on Geekbuying for $ 269.99

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