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OPay App – How to Download & Use on Smartphones

OPay App is a reward point platform where you can pay for online shopping and earn points that later can be redeemed upon reaching the threshold. Saving money while shopping online is a goal for everyone. We sometimes wait for a festival to come so the price drop or we get a huge discount and then buy. Well, with OPay App, you don’t have to wait for events to come in order to get a discount or get cashback upon buying anything online. The app offers fantastic deals and it changes & gets updated every week. Also, no matter what you buy through this app, you will definitely be able to save some money.

It will also provide you offers to buy products at a high discount as it often tiers with different companies. Well, in this article, we will provide you the OPay App Download link and also explain everything about it. If you want to use this app to save some money while online shopping, then we recommend reading this full article. Because today, we will cover every topic related to this app. Now, let’s start this article!

OPay App Overview

It is a free reward point application that offers various ways to earn points and redeem them for rebates, shopping vouchers, or merchandise. Once you create an account with OPay App, you will be given an RP which will define your score. The more you earn the points, the higher your score will be. The score is important because the higher RP you will have, the more discounted offer you will receive. Well, there is not only a single way to earn points; there are more than three ways you can earn points in OPay. The most popular one is Refer & Earn and it is also the most convenient way. However, you just require to share a unique link which contains your Referal code. And once a person installs it using your link, you will earn points as well as your RP will increase.

Moreover, HYPERQB has developed this fantastic platform and they have also said that the new updates will now come often. As it provides offers & coupons, you will find some huge coupons with a high discount that will save you a decent amount while shopping. Even, you will be able to use your points and redeem them for rebates, merchandise. Also, it has a Daily Reward system that can help you earn some points daily by just logging once a day. In the first 7 days after installing the app, you will receive massive login rewards and after that, the daily reward will start to fall.

There is also a Daily Mission in which you will need to complete a task and upon completing, you will receive some free points. The Daily Mission should be completed under the given time; otherwise, you won’t be able to earn the Daily Mission reward even if you complete it. You can also obtain more points if you access their exclusive event, To check their latest events, click on the menu and then select Events. Overall, OPay App is a stunning app that you must use if you do online shopping because you can save a good amount by using your earned points in the app.

Download OPay App for Android Latest Version

OPay App

OPay App was last updated in 2024 but the content inside the app gets updated very frequently. Also, the app is freely available to download & Install from Google Play Store. In case if you don’t want to install it from there then you can use our link to direct download. We have collected it from the original source and made a sharable link so we can share it with everyone. Also, the app may not work in all Android versions because of the compatibility issues. Some users have reported this issue, and it seems like the developer is working on fixing that.

Well, let me first share the OPay App file information and then we will provide you the link. Its file details will give you pretty much helpful insights so make sure you read from below.

File Information:

  • Name- OPay App
  • APK Size- 13 Mb
  • Version- 1.6
  • Publisher- HYPERQB
  • Type- Finance
  • Android Requires- 4.1 and Up
  • Last Updated- 27 February 2018

The app requirement is so low and it can be run in any Android phone that has at least KitKat Android running. Well, now you can follow the link below to start downloading OPay App.

OPay App (13Mb)

How To Download OPay App on Smartphones?

We have uploaded OPay App on the Mediafire file sharing website which is very popular worldwide. Well, if you don’t know how to download an uploaded file from there then we can help you with that. Below, we have shown how you can download OPay App from the provided link.

  1. Click on the above link to visit the Download page for downloading the OPay app.
  2. Next, click on the Download button to request the App file.
  3. After a few seconds, the Mediafire server will automatically send the file to your browser.
  4. In case if the server doesn’t send the file, you will get a short link on the page to right away start downloading.
  5. Once you receive the download request, verify it first by using the above file information and then accept the request.
  6. After that, wait till it gets completely downloaded on your phone.

So, that was the straightforward steps that you can follow to download OPay App from the provided Mediafire link. Make sure you straightaway click on the green download button; otherwise, you will get bombarded with ads & sponsored links. Now, let me guide you on its installation.

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How to Install OPay App & Get Started with it on Smartphones?

OPay App Install

As you have downloaded it from Mediafire, you will need to perform the manual installation in order to use it on your Android. People who are not familiar with the manual installation can check how to install APK on an Android article. After reading that, you will become aware of the manual app installation. For specific steps for OPay App, you can continue reading. Manual app installation on Android requires Unknown Resources to be enabled. This setting allows third-party app installation on Android. If you don’t know how to do it then simply follow the steps from below.

  1. Go to your phone settings.
  2. Click on Security>Unknown Resources and then enable it.
  3. Now, open the file explorer and go to the download folder of your browser.
  4. Search and tap on the OPay app to open the installer.
  5. Press on the Install button.
  6. Wait until installation finishes, and after that, press the Done button to exit the installer. The installation of the OPay app is completed, now, let me help you get started with it.
  7. Open your App Drawer and click on the OPay icon.
  8. Sign up on the app using one of the options showing on the screen. The best way to sign up on the app is via Facebook or Mobile number.
  9. If you select Facebook, you will need to login & allow access to it to gather your personal details, i.e. Name, Number, Address, etc. And if you select the second option, then you will need to verify it via OTP.
  10. Once you are done signing up, click on the menu icon & go to My Account. After that, complete your profile by adding necessary documents and details.
  11. Now, you can go to various sections of OPay App i.e. Events, Offers, Daily Mission, Free rewards. In each tab, you will find some new ways to earn points.
  12. Once you have got enough points in your account, you can redeem that from the Withdraw section. Or you can also use it for online shopping as the app works like eWallet apps.
  13. You can also check your RP from my account section. To increase the RP, you will need to daily login to the app and complete new tasks in Daily Mission.

So, that is how you can install OPay App and get started with it on your phone.



OPay App is definitely the best free point reward platform that also provides new exciting offers to buy products. Redeeming the earned points is easy and there is also an option to redeem points in other Mobile wallet apps. If you want to earn points in a huge amount, then you can join their exclusive events. To check exclusive events, you can go to the Events section. Overall, the app is pretty helpful and you must use it if you want to save some money while purchasing anything online. You can use their offers as well to get discounts upon buying products.

Hopefully, you have found this article helpful? If so, we would like to know your thoughts about it in the comments below. Also, if you still have any questions regarding OPay App, you can comment down below.

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