PayPal letter to a woman to tell her that her death violates the rules

We say many times that for the companies we are only numbers, and although in the past, different marketing techniques have wanted to throw away this affirmation, the truth is that they do not always achieve it. Many times they deal with us forgetting that we are people and in some cases very unpleasant. As in the example, we have got a copy of a letter sent to a deceased; the letter from PayPal sent to a woman to tell her that her death violates the rules of their company.

What did the Paypal letter say?

PayPal Letter to a woman on death
PayPal Letter to a woman

Lindsay Durdle was a 37-year-old English girl who died due to breast cancer. Three weeks later his family received an unfortunate letter from PayPal, which states the following:

Important – You must read this carefully […] You are in breach of clause 15.4 (c) of your agreement with PayPal Credit, as we have received notice that you have passed away. […] We have the right to close your account, terminate your contract and demand reimbursement of the total outstanding amount.

Her husband Howard, who was the one who read the letter, could not believe its content since PayPal was referring to the death of his wife as a violation of its rules.

Howard did not sit idly by and first through social networks, and then in an interview with the BBC, he denounced what had happened. It had been he who had taken care to communicate the loss, sending the documentation that the payment platform had requested – death certificate, testament, and identification.

This man says that he intends to fight so that the messages that the companies send automatically are reviewed since they can do a lot of damage in a situation like the one the family is going through.

How could it be otherwise, PayPal has taken action on the matter and has released a statement, which apologizes and states that what happened is due to a regrettable error.

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