How to Put Mercari Sellers Account on Vacation Mode

As a seller on any online retailing platform, it is possible you cannot be selling all the time. Need a break, or a vacation maybe? Here is a guide on how to put your Mercari account on vacation mode.

What is Mercari?

Mercari is an online retailing website that connects buyers and sellers. It has grown to be a very popular online marketplace for those with a purchasing or selling intent. With over 150,000 products added to the platform every day, Mercari is a bustling place for online shopping fans to surf through lots and lots of things to buy. This large number is primarily due to the fact that sellers on the platform are allowed to sell anything so long as it can be shipped, from brand new items to fairly used or home used items. Things we don’t use, never used, or have outgrown.  So no matter the budget, potential buyers can always find something to buy on Mercari.

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Although setting up an account and uploading your products for sale are things that can be done for free on the platform, Mercari is not entirely free as a commission of 10% is charged for every sale made on the platform. So for every 100 bucks you get to make from selling what you sell, Mercari holds on to 10 and gives you a 90. Not bad if you consider they are doing all the promotion and providing you so many potential buyers too and for free. A fee of $2 is also charged for processing certain deposits with issues, like direct deposit transfers rejected by banks.

With strict policies and restrictions against in-person meet-ups to do or complete transactions, Mercari is a safe space online to spend your money and get what you want. Mercari processes all payments for items on the platform to prevent ripping off of either buyer or seller. All sellers on the platform are required to ship their items to their customers.

Being a buyer on Mercari is more of a jolly ride so long as you have the cash to spend. Create an account, surf items you want and to cart, spend your money and get your items shipped and delivered to you, varnish, and then come back whenever you want. Easy right? Of course. But being a buyer on Mercari is a different ball game altogether. 

Why vacation mode?

So much traffic on the platform means orders for items are bound to come in every now and then, and as a seller, you have to keep your ratings on a good level if you want to keep on receiving orders. To achieve this, you as a seller have to be available and responsive to orders for your items and be able to ship the item to the buyer within the specified number of days and ensure it will be delivered in good condition.

No doubt, being a seller on Mercari will require some of your time. But what about when you have other engagements and do not have the time to meet up all these seller responsibilities. What happens to your ratings? They will drop over time if you keep on receiving orders and there is no response. But thank your lucky stars, with Mercari seller vacation mode, your ratings are safe when you are away.

Mercari Seller vacation mode

Mercari vacation mode is a feature available to a Mercari seller account that temporarily hides items from listings while the seller takes some time off. This mode is mainly used when a seller is on vacation, has some other engagements that will require a lot of time, or does not have any item available to sell at the time being.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that, as a seller on Mercari, you are responsible for storing or warehousing the items you sell, pending a buying order and shipping to the buyer. So being away from home, you might not have enough time or sometimes have access to be able to dispatch the items that have been ordered. On such occasions, it will be an excellent time to turn on your account’s vacation mode till whenever you are back and ready to do business, then they can remove the account from vacation mode. 

How to Put Mercari account on Vacation mode

Finally, feel like taking that break? Then put your account on vacation mode. Here is how you do it.

  • First thing, open the Mercari website on your browser. You can open the app if you have one. It is available for iOS and Android platforms.
  • We believe you should already have an account if you are looking to turn on vacation mode. Locate the login button. Click and login to your account.

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    Mercari login
  • Go to my page to open your account page.
  • Find and click on the selling icon to open the page showing all your items for sale.
  • Click on the select tool at the top right corner to enter selection mode.
  • Now select all the items you want to deactivate from your listing. You can choose to select all if you are going for a break. But if you wish to deactivate those that are not available, then choose those ones only.
  • After selecting, click on deactivate, and you will be on vacation mode.

The deactivated item listings will simply be hidden when vacation mode is activated, away from customers. That way, they do not get to see the items and place an order.

Restoring Mercari Account from Vacation Mode

Okay, it has been days. Finally had that well-deserved break from Mercari. Maybe you traveled to have the best time of your life, tour around and run on beaches. Or you just finished another exhaustive business trip or engagement, and now you are back! Or just maybe you finally have something you want to sell again or Mercari, or you are just broke again and looking to make some few bucks. Well, whatever the reason, you need to remove your account from vacation mode to get right back to action.

If you did put your account on vacation mode by yourself, removing it should not be much of a big deal. Here is all the help you need, just in case the good times have left you a little foggy on this matter.

Ready to start selling again? Do the following.

  • Open the Mercari website on your browser.
  • Locate the login button. Click and login to your account.
  • Go to my page to open your account page.
  • Find and click on the selling icon to open the page showing all your items for sale.
  • Click on the select tool at the top right corner to enter selection mode.
  • Now select all the items you want to reactivate on your listing. In this case, select all.
  • After selecting, click on activate, and vacation mode will be turned off.

We hope this guide was helpful. Check out our other guides.

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