Rize – Possible Name of Samsung’s Next Series of Mid-Range Phones

It is not clear what the real name will be or how it will be embedded in the name of devices, but there are reports that Samsung’s next series of flagships may be Rize. Of course, there are those who really understand how things like this work, or who have inside sources, but this is certainly not the final word on name change.

Some experts are revealing that the name could even apply to Samsung Galaxy S10 but actually, no one can really be sure on what sets of Samsung devices will get name on them. Even trademark applications spotted have shown stuffs like Samsung Rize10, Samsung Rize20 and Samsung Rize30, and maybe more.

These were spotted in Mexico and elsewhere and although they were seen, it does not mean that they will really be released in those names.

Could they be the three versions that Samsung is rumored to working on? We do not know. Indeed, it appears that the company is really working on a set of flagship phones that may appear in 2024.

Until this moment, experts have thought of the devices as being the Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, and Galaxy S10 Lite. Details on these devices do not in any away really boost that idea that the phones will come out as Rize phones.

Could it also be that Samsung wants to differentiate its next series of flagships like Apple did some time ago to mark its tenth anniversary of being in business and revealing the iPhone X? A report put that idea forward but it is not confirmed either.

Furthermore, there is also the idea that the Rize set of phones will be a reworking of Samsung Galaxy A range of smartphones. Could it be the chosen name for the foldable phone that fans are expecting from Samsung in 2024? Maybe.

The tenth anniversary of Samsung flagship phones is also getting near, many details are flying here and there, but the best seems to suggest that Samsung wants to surprise fans in 2024, when it is time for the firm to celebrate the 10 years of success that it has experienced from producing flagship phones.

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