Rumor – iPhone with 6.1 “LCD uses sturdier glass, but does not have a 3D touch

The upcoming iPhone with 6.1 “LCD is likely to be equipped with a layer of sturdier glass at the front. The glass would be lighter and better able to withstand drops but is also more expensive, so Apple would eliminate 3D Touch functionality with the cheapest model.

Analyst Ming-chi Kuo of KGI Securities says that against the Chinese website Feng. The analyst often brings out details about new Apple products. According to the analyst, the new iPhone uses the cover glass sensor process, where the touch module is attached to the glass instead of being processed. That would make the glass firmer.

Apple would apply an extra layer on top of the touch module, but it is not yet known what that layer is for. However, it would increase the price of the touch panel and therefore Apple would choose to leave the 3D Touch functionality with the cheapest model. According to Ming-chi Kuo, Apple plans to supply all iPhones with the new, more robust glass, including the OLED models, from 2019 onwards.


The current rumor is about the 6.1 “version of the iPhone, which will receive an LCD, which will be the cheapest version, which is expected in the autumn together with two OLED models, and there may also be a successor to the iPhone SE; it could be announced in the spring.

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