Rumor – Xiaomi Mi 6X photo leaks directly from the assembly line and reveals new details

When it comes to new technologies for smartphones, one of the most interesting features is the device’s unlocking systems, and in this respect, an unprecedented solution continues to reign in the imagination of many people – the biometric reader of fingerprints under the screen. Although Apple can boast of the advantages of FaceID, facial recognition simply does not work as well as fingerprints. After all, it is much easier to put the thumbprint of your thumb on a sensor than having to look directly at your smartphone to unlock it.

However, none of the major manufacturers have been able to launch the feature so far. And by all indications, it will not be Xiaomi that will change that reality. Anyway, the company comes from a good history with the Mi 6, a smartphone with good technical specifications and a double set of rear cameras. However, it does not have a borderless screen, an honor that was reserved for Mi Mix 2. However, the Mi 6X promises to fix this if the rumors are correct.

Xiaomi Mi6X

The image above shows the back that supposedly belongs to the Xiaomi Mi 6X and, if true, shows that the smartphone will probably have a borderless screen. That’s because the biometric fingerprint reader of the Mi 6X has been placed in the back, and there’s only one reason why Xiaomi makes that decision – a borderless screen leaves no room for resource allocation on the front of the device, as in Mi 6, for example.

Another interesting update suggested by the image is a rear vertical camera sensor. Knowing Xiaomi, the manufacturer will certainly have some tricks up its sleeve to complement the feature.

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