Samsung continues to mock iPhone X in commercials for it rabbit ears, no microSD card slot, can not split screen

Samsung recently posted three new promotional videos continuing the Ingenius series. And interestingly, these videos are set in the context of the Apple Store and customers are implicitly comparing the Samsung Galaxy S9 better than the iPhone X.

Ingenius ad – Notch

With the first ad, when customers complained about rabbit ears occupy a lot of areas when the screen experience like watching movies, playing games…, employees replied that after a while you will get used to it. At the end of the video appears a family of customers with bold hairstyle “rabbit ears” hinted that the iPhone 2018 will continue this trend. The rabbit ears will reduce the user’s experience with the screen during use.

Untitled 11

And of course, Samsung Galaxy S9 owns an infinity screen, absolutely no rabbit ears for a better experience. This is the message that Samsung wants to convey through the ad.

Please see the funny ads below:

Ingenius ads – Storage

In the second ad, customers asked if the iPhone X supports the expansion of microSD memory card. The device responds not to support or recommend upgrading to the iPhone X with larger internal memory, as well as using cloud storage technology.

Untitled 12

The customer has laughed except and mentioned the Samsung Galaxy S9 as the savior when the memory card support device expands memory storage, rather than the expense of upgrading the larger internal memory versions, as well. stressed do not want to use cloud services to save data.

Please see the funny ads below:

Ingenius Ad – Multitasking

And finally in the third commercial video, another customer asked about how to run two apps on the iPhone X. This is the feature that her family currently uses on the Galaxy S9. That makes the staff forced to think impossible on the iPhone.

Untitled 13

When the staff “drumming”, complimented the nail of the guest as beautiful. The girl replied – Not only the beautiful nails but also the “multi-task” (color change, implications of the dual-tasking parallel applications on the same screen), unlike Apple’s phone.

Earlier this week, Samsung began launching an advertising campaign with the Ingenius theme series to compare the Galaxy S9 LTE download speed faster than iPhone X, denigrating the iPhone X without a 3.5mm headphone jack. Fast charging and worse picture.

lol 🙂

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