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Samsung Galaxy S8 is the most fragile smartphone at the moment​…but repair​ is relatively affordable

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are the latest release from the giant smartphone manufacturer. And by now, these devices should have been​ household names in the smartphone world.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are undoubtedly beautiful. Our review of the S8 and S8+ affirms to their beauty too. The designs speak so much of the quality effort Samsung put into the production of such quality device. However, there’s a “but” – the S8 and S8+ are very fragile and easily prone to breakage. We had earlier pointed out the devices’ fragility sometime before​ when we listed some of the flaws noticed on the S8. Now, it seems quite a number of people agree with us.

Several surveys and reports obtained globally from various phone repair stores indicates that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the most fragile smartphone at the moment. In fact, the S8 and S8+ are so fragile that some phone repair stores report to have received several calls from different individuals that want their Galaxy S8 screens fixed barely 24 hours after the phone was released for retail.

Remember that the Galaxy S8 is covered in Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back. And on the side, it is laced with metal. This glass covering is undoubtedly the feature predisposing the Galaxy S8 and S8+ screen to breakage and shattering​.

samsung galaxy s8 most fragile smartphone

Nonetheless, phone repair shops have assured Samsung Galaxy S8 users not to worry as the replacement parts of these devices are affordably cheap.

“ The price point is good; the repairability is there. Durability-wise, it’s definitely going to break, no question about that. ” says Justin Carroll, owner of the Richmond, Virginia-based Fruit Fixed smartphone repair shop.

In relation to the affordability of the Galaxy S8 screen, we gathered that they cost around $180 – $200. When compared to the $750 retail price of the S8, you would agree that the screen is relatively cheap; even cheaper than the Galaxy S7 screen.

While the fragile nature of the Galaxy S8 is good news to phone repair shops, it is a however a warning on the part of the average Galaxy S8 user to be more careful in the handling of their precious device.

It’s probably high time to purchase a protective case for your S8 and S8+ if you don’t have one by now.

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