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How To SMS Someone From A Different Phone Number?

Your phone number is linked to a SIM card, and except you own a dual-SIM phone, there is no simple way to change your phone no when you send an SMS. You might have to switch a phone number because you do not wish to surrender your personal info or anything informal like pulling a prank.

Even if the simplest way to SMS anyone from a different number is to make use of a friend’s mobile device, this method can be seamlessly monitored and so it is dependable.

Fortunately, there are several ways to SMS somebody with various phone numbers, but you will need to make use of services and applications.

In this tutorial, we will highlight the best ways to hide the sender’s ID.

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Use An Online SMS Service

These kinds of online services were well known in the past when SMS was the main form of texting. If you had little phone credit on your prepaid plan, or you wished to anonymously text anybody, you could make use of these online services.

Online texting services are still available, and they let you send an unrestricted number of messages to whoever across the globe. You just need to know the recipient’s phone number and the international dialing code. If you search the net, you will see a lot of such sites. Some of them are Globfone, SendAText, OpenTextingOnline, MFreeSMS, Wiko, and others.

A lot of these sites restrict you to 155 characters per message, which is less than the default character number of one text message. Plus, you have to check the regional availability on the site before you send an SMS because some of them cannot send messages to all nations.

The receiver will just see a random phone number of the service and the content of the SMS. No other data like your name or phone number will be seen.

One of the main issues with these services is that you cannot be sure if the data you input will be abused. Meaning, every number you type will most likely stay in the server, leaving it exposed.

Spoof The Number

A lot of these web services take things a step further and let you spoof a phone number in order to prank your buddies or family. These spoof services will send an SMS to any number, but the receiver will view a number of your choice on the screen.

Spoofbox is a decent option. It is actually a popular phone spoofing application. It works for both Android and iOS phones and it lets the sender fake their ID. It also comes with more features such as prank calls at the precise time and spoofing your email. This kind of software is a remarkable way to safeguard your privacy because they protect your ID when you need to make a private call or send an email.

Asides Spoofbox, another popular spoof app is Spoofcard and Spoofmyphone, we also have AnonymousSMS which is a web browser-based service.

Spoofing is not legal and should not be used for suspicious intent, harassment, violence, threats or identical acts. If you use it for that, and the receiver reports you, you will be punished.

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Use 3rd Party Apps

There are several third-party applications for Android and iOS with the main aim of protecting your real phone number. Unlike spoofing, where you can enter any number to be displayed as yours, these applications will create one special number. They let you anonymously text and call without disclosing your personal phone number.

Below are some of the most popular ones:

  1. Burner– This application bears the same name as the popular phones that can be used for a brief time before they become useless. The app will assign a “burner phone” number rather than a normal one. This number will not be permanent and can be used to disguise your personal info from entities you do not trust. It functions in just America and Canada though.
  2. Hushed– This app and Burner are identical. They give you a nonpermanent new number to hide your ID. Plus, it lets you make phone calls through Wi-Fi, which can be a lifesaver if you do not have credit on your phone. It is available in more than forty nations. You get to pay to use it but there is a free trial.
  3. Flyp– This is another premium application that lets you have about five more phone numbers on your device. These phone numbers have different options like different voicemails, calls, and SMSes. They can all be seen in one place.
  4. Google Voice– Restricted phone calls can be made on Google Voice. When you dial a number with this app, Google Voice can be used to mask your caller ID from the receiver’s screen.
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