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Snapdragon 680 has been seen in Geekbench, could be based on 710

The first indications are that the Snapdragon 710 is a success among phone manufacturers, but Qualcomm is working on more chips and more options for future smartphones. In Geekbench has been the Snapdragon 680, which will be a great help for future mid-range phones.

Snapdragon 680 is seen for the first time in Geekbench

The CPU listed in Geekbench is six cores, which is likely to be a 2 + 4 configuration as we have seen before in the Snapdragon 650 and 808. We have to bear in mind that the name may not be definitive, as happened with the S710, which used to be called 670.

What is suggested is that it could be a reduced version of the 710. The clock speed is 2.15 GHz, this coincides with both the Kryo 260 in the S660 and the Kryo 4xx in the 710. However, the results of a single core ( 1,900) are higher than the S660 scores (1,600), suggesting that these are the most recent fourth-generation Kryo cores. The multi-core performance is slightly lower than that of the S660 (it has a two-score advantage.

The tests were performed on a Qualcomm development platform with 6 GB of RAM. No phone with this chipset has yet been tested, but the 660 was first seen in early 2017 and the first phones with it were revealed a few months later. We will be aware of the news of this SoC chip and the new phones that may arise based on it.

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