The best features of the Samsung Galaxy that you’ve never used

The Samsung Galaxy are smartphones much appreciated by users – despite this, they hide some features not very visible that are very interesting. Some of these functions can also do better than similar features already present by default on Android!

Yet, as little publicized, most users completely ignore their existence. In this article, we will try to dissect some of the less known (but not less interesting) features that hide the various series of Samsung Galaxy.

The best hidden features of your Samsung Galaxy

The large family (now defined as a dynasty) of the Galaxy now has almost a decade of “kingdom”. Always been inextricably linked to Android, the last two flagships to have been marketed are the much appreciated  Galaxy S9 and S9 +.

One-Handed mode

Modern smartphones tend to be particularly voluminous. Even if you opt for a “smaller” model, like the Galaxy S9, it can still be a challenge to use it to its full potential using one hand. This is where one-handed mode comes into play.

With a single finger gesture (a diagonal shot from the bottom corner) or a triple touch of the Home button, you can reduce the display to a size that can be used for one-handed use.

Depending on the conditions in which you need to use the phone, this simple function can be very useful – you can find one-hand options in Settings – Advanced Features – One-Hand Mode.

Game tools

If you play on your phone, the Samsung Gaming Tools menu is a great way to improve your experience. Whenever a game is running, a new menu is displayed that provides some changes that may be very useful.

With the game tools you can:

  • Switch to full screen
  • Disable alerts
  • Lock the home button by pressing fully
  • Lock the touch area of the edge display
  • Lock the brightness
  • Lock the navigation keys
  • Touch the lock screen
  • Make a screenshot
  • Record a video

This is all from a simple menu button that appears to the left of the Back button in the navigation area. You can also change the shortcut button on the right side of the navigation keys – by default, it is a touch screen block, but you can edit it by pressing the gear icon at the top of the menu.

SOS messages

Unlike the other features we’re talking about, SOS Messages is a feature that can potentially save your life, as it can quickly send a message to up to four contacts (which you can choose earlier) when you quickly click on the three power button. times.

By default this feature is disabled, but it is good to know that it is an extremely useful function.

Not only can you send a message, you can also optionally add an image, a five-second audio recording, or both. Once executed, the phone sends an SOS message with the text I need help!  to identify you easily.

You can enable this feature in Settings – Advanced Features – Send SOS messages.

Custom vibration models

You’ve been able to set custom ringtones for specific users or situations for a long time, but recently Samsung has also added custom vibration models to these functions.

This allows you to keep the phone quiet, making you instantly distinguish the difference between a call or text – you can even set custom vibration options for different contacts.

You can find general vibration options in Settings – Sounds and Vibrations, but doing so will set the contact specific vibration settings on the contact card. Tap the Edit button, then scroll down to the View More option. The vibration model is at the bottom.

Wireless charging

This is by far one of the most convenient and interesting features for Samsung Galaxy (and more). While using USB-C is easier to connect than the micro USB, wireless charging is even more convenient!

When you’ve looked at your phone and are in bed, there’s nothing easier than storing your phone on a dock to start charging it without having to connect cables. And in the morning, turning off the alarm is just as easy as you will not have any cables to hinder you.

Smart Lock

Note – this is a function of Android and not exclusive to Samsung. But it fits perfectly in the perspective of this list… so I made an exception to the rule!

Smart Lock allows you to keep your device unlocked in certain situations – when the phone is connected to a particular Bluetooth device (for example with a smartwatch), when it is in your pocket or in other particular conditions.

If enabled, you can easily bypass the lock screen whenever you meet the Smart Lock policy. You can find these options in Settings – Lock Screen and Security – Smart Lock.

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